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battenfeld-cincinnati history

  • 2010 - 2017
  • 2000 - 2009
  • 1990 - 1999
  • 1980 - 1989
  • 1970 - 1979
  • 1960 - 1969
  • 1950 - 1959
  • 1940 - 1949


battenfeld-cincinnati USA celebrates its 40th anniversary


battenfeld-cincinnati China celebrates its 20th anniversary. ... read more

Technology highlights:
  • The innovative Multi-Touch roll stack is now available in an XXL version for even higher outputs for PP and PET
  • Introduction of the “next generation (NG)” extruder series at K 2016: solEX NG single screw extruder and conEX NG twin screw extruder
  • Introduction of the new BCtouch UX control: the new platform with intuitive menu navigation is also perfectly suited for industry 4.0 applications
  • battenfeld-cincinnati presents a new multi-layer feedblock for thermoforming sheet extrusion.

22 June 2016: battenfeld-cincinnati has a new owner - Industrie Holding Nimbus 


First solid wall PE pipe line for diameters up to 2.6 m worldwide is built. ... read more
The successful single screw extruder series solEX adds the solEX 150, which is particularly suited for large diameter HDPE and PP pipe extrusion thanks to outputs up to 2,750 kg/h.

The Multi-Touch roll stack has already been sold 15 times since its introduction in 2012.

The "STC" (superior tungsten carbide) coating for screws and barrels is introduced. 

Complete PE-Xa extrusion line from a single source: three extruder sizes and two pipe heads that are optimized for PE-Xa processing are available. 

The FDC (fast dimension change) system offers quick, automatic dimension change during pipe production.


10 years of high-speed single screw extruder technology for thermoforming sheet: already more than 250 lines installed ... read more
First installation of a high-speed extrusion line with Multi-Touch roll stack in China.

The alpha extruder series that was introduced in 2000 and has been sold more than 750 times, receives an upgrade with compact drive system, new frequency converter and temperature controller.


Foundation of battenfeld-cincinnati do Brasil. ... read more

Technological highlights:  
  • Piggyback co-extrusion solution for profiles
  • GL (= gearless) single screw extruder with high torque motor
  • Next generation PO pipe heads with EAC (efficient air cooling)
  • Extended series of PVC multi-layer pipe heads

The space-saving “piggyback” configuration with twinEX and conEX twin-screw extruders
The space-saving “piggyback” configuration with twinEX and conEX twin-screw extruders
The new and energy-efficient solEX GL series without gears
The new and energy-efficient solEX GL series without gears


In April 2012, American Maplan Corporation, the American facility in McPherson / Kansas, is renamed battenfeld-cincinnati USA. ... read more

Revolutionary Multi-Touch roll stack technology for high transparency, tension-free sheet.
Multi-Touch roll stack
Multi-Touch roll stack


First complete 2.5 m PO pipe extrusion line worldwide ... read more

ISO 9001:2008 certificates are granted to the facilities in Vienna / Austria, and Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen / Germany.


On 9 April, Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH with its facilities in Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen, both in Germany, and Cincinnati Extrusion in Vienna / Austria, pool their competencies to form the new battenfeld-cincinnati brand. ... read more
From now on, battenfeld-cincinnati comprises the companies battenfeld-cincinnati Germany GmbH (formerly Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik), battenfeld-cincinnati Austria GmbH (formerly Cincinnati Extrusion), battenfeld-cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems Ltd. (formerly B+C Extrusion Systems) und American Maplan Corporation.

battenfeld-cincinnati employs a total of more than 750 associates at its production plants in Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen (both Germany), Vienna (Austria), McPherson, KS (USA) and Shunde (China).

Technological highlights:
  • Green Pipe downstream: energy consumption of cooling section can be almost halved
  • Combination planetary roller and single screw for direct processing of PET
  • Twin screw extruders with 34 L/D for best processing characteristics and new parallel twin screw extruder generation
  • Single screw extruders with best class specific output



Merger of the operations of Battenfeld and Cincinnati in China. ... read more
Sale of the 7,000th conical twin screw extruder “konos 63” and the 500th “alpha” single screw extruder in Vienna / Austria.


In 2007, Triton takes over all five production facilities from the SMS group (Vienna, Kempen, Bad Oeynhausen, McPherson (KS) and China). ... read more

Triton is a financial investor which has been investing in market-leading companies based in Northern and Central Europe for many years. These are mainly major medium-sized enterprises from the service, capital goods, consumer goods and healthcare industries.


The 100th “fiberex” extruder for WPC extrusion is shipped from Austria. ... read more
Chen Hsong Extrusion Machinery Company Limited withdraws its share. Battenfeld China becomes part of the SMS group.  
fiberex T80 extruder
fiberex T80 extruder


Cincinnati Extrusion opens an office in Moscow / Russia. ... read more

Battenfeld Chen moves to its new 17,800m2 production site and 1,200m2 office building with 3 floors.


Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik manages the Battenfeld extrusion group with production facilities in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany, Kempen / Germany, McPherson, KS / USA and Shunde / China.


Foundation of SMS Extrusion Kempen / Germany. ... read more

Extension of the molybdenum wire and plasma coating capacities in Vienna / Austria. Cincinnati Extrusion opens an office in Dalian, China.
SMS Extrusion company building in Kempen, Germany
SMS Extrusion company building in Kempen, Germany


Delivery of the 1,000th “proton” single screw extruder from Vienna / Austria. ... read more
Introduction of the “alpha” extruder in Vienna / Austria.
proton extruder
proton extruder


The company Cincinnati Milacron in Vienna / Austria is renamed Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH. ... read more

The SMS group takes over Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH from Milacron Int. Battenfeld and Cincinnati now have the same owner.
Company building in Vienna, 1998
Company building in Vienna, 1998


Installation of the first whirling machine to produce screws in Vienna / Austria.


Foundation of Shunde Battenfeld Chen Extrusion Systems Ltd in Shunde / China through a joint venture.


Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik acquires American Maplan Corporation (AMC), McPherson / Kansas, the American market leader in pipe and profile extrusion. ... read more
CE certificate granted to the company in Vienna / Austria.

Cincinnati Milacron sets up an office in Guangzhou / China.


Cincinnati Milacron in Vienna / Austria is ISO-certified for the first time.


The blown film program of DEMAG (Bochum / Germany) is taken over and integrated in Bad Oeynhausen.


Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik takes over the planetary roller extruder and calender feeding business from Eickhoff / Kleinewefers in Bochum / Germany. ... read more



Thyssen Plastik Maschinenbau, Plastik Industrie, both based in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany, and Walter Goerke GmbH merge. ... read more
The SMS group takes over the company and renames it Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH.


Opening of the new facility in Austria at Laxenburger Straße 246, 1230 Vienna. ... read more

Amertool Services – Japan Branch for Cincinnati Milling & Grinding Company is renamed Cincinnati Milacron – Japan Branch.


Introduction of molybdenum wire coating in Vienna / Austria. ... read more

Foundation of American Maplan Corporation in cooperation with the Maplan Austria Group (now a part of the Starlinger Group) in McPherson, KS / USA.


Rheinstahl Maschinenbau becomes Thyssen Plastik Maschinenbau ... ... read more

and concentrates on the production of twin screw extruders and Henschel single screw extruders in Germany.


500th conical twin screw extruder is sold in Vienna / Austria.


Takeover of the German company Rolf Kestermann GmbH, based in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany, by Rheinstahl Maschinenbau. ... read more



Introduction of twin screws in the Japanese market.


Takeover of AGM + APM by Cincinnati Milacron: ... read more
  • Cincinnati Milacron takes over APM's facility in Lützowgasse, Vienna (Austria) and expands the factory further from autumn onwards
  • At the new facility in Vienna AGM is integrated and the factory in Linz is closed
  • The component factory of AGM in Micheldorf (Austria) continues to manufacture barrels and screws. It is sold in 1982 and now is part of Greiner Group. 


Rolf Kestermann, son of G. Kestermann, takes over the company in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany and renames it Rolf Kestermann Maschinenfabrik GmbH. ... read more
1965/66: foundation of "Allgemeine Maschinenbau GmbH" (AGM) in Linz, Austria by Anton Anger:
  • Manufacturing and development of conical twin screw Extruders
  • AGM develops the production technology for conical barrel bores, the first functioning barrel degassing and the liquid-operated temperature control for screws
  • AGM builds complete lines, like Wilhelm Anger's APM (Anger Plasticverarbeitungs-Maschinenbau)


Wilhelm Anger buys a plot in Lützowgasse, Vienna (Austria) to expand "APM - Anger Plasticverarbeitungs-Maschinenbau": ... read more
  • Technical focus: single and twin screw extruder and cylindrical screw
  • Development of a twin screw extruder with serial screw arrangement (cascade extruder)
  • Complete lines for production of pipe, decking, cast sheet and sheet

"Wilhelm Anger OHG" in Traun, Austria, is liquidated:
  • Anton Anger receives the component factory in Micheldorf (Austria) that was founded in 1961, as well as the prototype of the conical twin screw extruder developed in 1958/59


Production of the first K2-100 twin-screw extruder in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany. ... read more
In June 1961, the "Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co" in Germany is sold to the Rheinstahl Group (later Thyssen-Krupp and Inoutic).


1st participation of Anger Kunstoffwerk, Gebr. GmbH+Co at the plastics trade fair "K": the A2/80-11D exhibited on this occasion is now on display in the Technical Museum in Vienna / Austria. ... read more
Foundation of "Anger Plasticverarbeitungs-Maschinenbau (APM)" by Wilhelm Anger:
  • The first extruders, tools and downstream components for complete line installations (particularly for pipe production) are built.


Foundation of "Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co" in Bogen an der Donau (Germany): ... read more
  • Production of plastic pipe
  • Until 1959/1960, production was enlargened to 30 lines and 450 employees who produced 2,500 km of PE and PVC pipe in Diameters up to 250 mm in three shifts. At this time, the "Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger" was the world's largest plastic pipe producer

In 1955/56, the "Anger Extrusionswerk" for plastic pipe in Linz-Wegscheid, Austria, is sold with 50% each to "Durit Werke Kern & Co", a producer of asbestos pipe and "Eternit Werke Ludwig Hatschek AG"; they continue the production under the name "Poloplast".


Foundation of "Anger Extrusionswerk" for plastic pipe in Linz-Wegscheid, Austria: ... read more
  • Production of PVC pipe with Anger twin screw extruders with parallel 3-zone screws
  • Innovation: connecting sleeve with integrated rubber seal to connect pipes


Start of PVC pipe production and the development of twin-screw extruders at the Traun facility.


Wilhelm Anger OHG is founded in Traun / Austria.


Gerhard Kestermann establishes a subsidiary in Bad Oeynhausen / Germany to manufacture gearboxes.