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greenpipe Irrigation

Agricultural irrigation pipe extrusion

Plastic pipes with superior attributes, serving many purposes

According to FAO forecasts, 67% of the world’s population will suffer from an acute water shortage in 2025, unless there is a fundamental change in the management of existing resources. From 2000 to 2030, worldwide food production must rise by about 60% to keep pace with global population growth. Due to the climate change and world population growth, water consumption for the irrigation of arable land will therefore rise by 14%. Consequently, there will be a rising demand for irrigation systems that enable targeted water supply to plants to promote their growth even in regions with little or no rainfall. Intelligent, efficient irrigation systems made of plastics will help to meet these challenges. Agricultural irrigation has been practiced for thousands of years, but drip irrigation systems have existed only for the last few decades. These systems basically consist of plastic tubes made of PE and fitted with outlets at regular intervals. Polyolefin tubes can be produced in large quantities very easily and at low cost. They are resistant to weathering and UV radiation and lend themselves to flexible laying.

Plastic pipe extrusion – perfection all round

Custom-made turnkey line concepts for pipe extrusion have long been one of our core competencies. With intelligent machine and automation solutions, we successfully meet our customers’ needs. Every line is designed by us from start to finish, with all individual components matching perfectly. With a combined extrusion experience of more than a century, battenfeld-cincinnati offers the optimal solution for every application, featuring high performance and saving resources.