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green Pelletizing

Pelletizing of PVC and other polymers

Plastics pelletizing – PVC and thermoplastic materials

Granulates are raw materials for a great diversity of plastics processing applications and methods, for example, they are processed into high-quality injection-molded, blowmolded or extruded products. The pelletizing process serves to prepare the various raw material components, such as plastics, fillers and additives. By means of pelletizing, these product are melted, blended and homogenized. The resulting granulates are ready-to-use semi-finished products that facilitate further processing. Some important quality criteria for granulates are residual moisture, consistent bulk density, low dust content and uniform homogeneity. The advantages of granulates compared to powder are higher operational safety, uncomplicated storage and clean, dust-free processing.

A basic distinction must be made between PVC pelletizing and pelletizing of other polymers, since both groups of materials have different characteristics which influence the pelletizing process.

Plastics pelletizing – the answer for many applications

Customized turnkey solutions for pelletizing have long been one of our core competencies. Thanks to intelligent machine and automation concepts, we successfully meet our customers’ requirements with technically mature, cost-efficient equipment that covers an enormous bandwidth of specific outputs. Every line is designed by us from start to finish, with all individual components matching perfectly. With our extrusion experience accumulated over many years, we can supply the optimal solution for every application, powerful and resource-efficient.

Pelletizing head

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