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greensheet Thermoforming

High-speed extrusion of plastic thermoforming sheet

Single screw extruder BC 1-75-34 DV T3 with inline roll stack ILV 400-T3
The new, standardized generation of high-speed extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati marks a quantum leap in the history of extrusion technology. The 75 mm screw diameter offers the process- technology optimum in terms of volume/screw speed ratio. All outputs in sheet extrusion are covered by one machine size, simply by adjusting the screw speed and the performance of the drive unit. The significant attributes of high-speed extruders are:
  • 15-25% energy savings compared to traditional systems
  • less volume in the machine means reduced change over time
    and increased production time
  • improved quality by massive reduction of residence time
  • less space requirement at higher output rate
  • compact unit – easy for maintenance
  • less spare part cost
  • last not least: better over all quality
The 75 mm series is supplemented by co-extruders for thin layers with special functions.

TYPdrive (kW)
speed (min-1)
PP (kg/h)
PS (kg/h)
PET* (kg/h)
HS 1-45-32 DV T134250709070
HS 1-45-32 DV T245450150200150
HS 1-75-34 DV T1120180 / 330330350300
HS 1-75-34 DV T2270570 / 810660700600
HS 1-75-34 DV T3370860 / 1.0809901.050900
HS 1-75-40 DV T4435960 / 1.2501.3001.4001.200
* material pre-dried to 50 ppm

The innovative Multi-Touch roll stack is a new addition to the product portfolio. It enables excellent results, especially for PP sheet extrusion. For more information, please click here.
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