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  1. FolderCompany The world leader in extrusion technology. We develop and produce high quality extruders and extrusion equipment for plastics processing.
  2. FolderDivisions 
    1. FolderInfrastructure 
      1. PageOverview Extruders and extrusion equipment the pipe extrusion. Machine manufacturing and innovative technologies for the production of plastic pipes.
      2. Foldergreenpipe water Custom-made turnkey line concepts for drinking water pipe extrusion. Use the advantages of plastic pipes with intelligent machine solutions.
      3. Foldergreenpipe sewage Intelligent machine and automation solutions for the waste water pipe extrusion. With a combined extrusion experience of more than a century.
      4. Foldergreenpipe Hot & Cold Custom-made extruding machines to produce plastic pipes. With consideration of the special conditions for building services pipes.
      5. Foldergreenpipe Gas With over 100 years of extrusion experience, we offer individual extrusion systems for the safe production of gas pipes.
      6. Foldergreenpipe Cable Ducts Extrusion lines for the production of cable ducts made of plastic. Many years of experience and versatile machines from battenfeld-cincinnati.
      7. Foldergreenpipe Irrigation High-quality pipes and tubes used for agricultural irrigation can be produced with our extruders very cost-effectively.
      8. Foldergreenpipe Drainage Our machines and automation solutions for pipe extrusion are individually adaptive to your needs. Also drainage pipes can be manufactured easily.
      9. Foldergreenpipe Mining The extrusion of thick-walled, large-diameter pipes out of PE 100 e.g. for mining is efficiently and high-quality realizable with our extruders.
      10. Foldergreenpipe District Heating The extrusion of plastic pipes for district heat transport with custom-made turnkey line concepts for pipe extrusion by battenfeld-cincinnati.
    2. FolderConstruction 
      1. PageOverview The single components of the battenfeld-cincinnati extrusion lines are perfectly matched for the extrusion of profiles and your needs.
      2. Foldergreenprofile Window The efficient manufacturing of profiles for plastic windows and doors with extrusion lines from battenfeld-cincinnati.
      3. Foldergreenprofile Technical Extrusion of technical profiles made of PVC, styrene polymers, polyamide, PC, PMMA, polyolefin and TPE with machines from battenfeld-cincinnati.
      4. Foldergreenprofile WPC WPC profiles are becoming increasingly popular. Our extrusion lines offers you in the manufacture of thermoplastic WPC products many possibilities.
      5. Foldergreensheet PVC Individually planned lines for manufacturing compact, foamed or embossed PVC sheets for the building construction and advertising sector.
    3. FolderPackaging 
      1. PageOverview battenfeld-cincinnati’s sheet and board extrusion lines deliver excellent product quality and feature low life-cycle costs.
      2. Foldergreensheet Thermoforming The sheet extrusion will be very cost-efficiently and energy-efficiently with the new generation of high-speed extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati
      3. Foldergreensheet Calender Feeding Calender feeding and coating from battenfeld-cincinnati for the production of PVC films, e.g. for blister packages, sleeves or the furniture industry.
      4. Pagegreensheet Board Technology from battenfeld-cincinnati offers optimal conditions for the extrusion of technical sheet and boards made of various material combinations.
      5. Foldergreen Pelletizing Lines for plastics pelletizing like PVC and other polymers prepare raw materials by melting, blending and homogenizing.
  3. FolderProducts 
    1. FolderExtruder 
      1. FolderTwin screw extruders for profile, sheet, WPC/NFC 
        1. PagefiberEX The twin screw extruder series fiberEX is opimized for the processing of WPC (wood plastic composites) and NFC (natural fiber composites).
      2. FolderExtruders for thermoforming sheet 
        1. PageHigh-speed extruder for thermoforming sheet The sheet extrusion will be very cost-efficiently and energy-efficiently with the new generation of high-speed extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati