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FDC (fast dimension change) pipe extrusion

FDC (fast dimension change)

helix II 630-2 VSI-TZplus pipe head with adjustable melt gap 630 and FDC 630 calibration sleeve
Complete lines for quick, in-line dimension change from a single source

Pipe manufacturers aiming to be competitive in production these days need extrusion lines which are powerful, flexible and quickly adjustable, as well as cost-efficient in operation. To meet these requirements, we have developed a system for automatic pipe dimension change during production. The system can be delivered as a complete solution, or the customer can choose individual components to retrofit his line.
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Your advantages:
  • Efficient extrusion line with high throughput
  • Material savings thanks to reduced change-over times
  • High flexibility as to pipe geometry and production planning
Our offer:
  • High-performance extruders along with an inner pipe cooling system ensure highest productivity with low energy consumption
  • Adjustable components over a particularly large diameter range
  • Modular concept, from changing one adjustable component to a complete, automatically adjustable extrusion line, e.g. diameters 200 - 630 mm, comparable to standard extrusion lines
  • Simple handling thanks to an extended control concept for automatic dimension Change
  • Excellent pipe quality with homogeneous pipe surface and even wall thickness distribution
  • The FDC system is suited for the production of PE-HD single layer, as well as co-extruded multi-layer pipes
Complete FDC line

Overview of FDC line components:
  • 1   Extruder
  • 2   Pipe head with adjustable melt gap
         (click here for more details about 
         helix II pipe head with adjustable
         melt gap
  • 3   FDC adjustable calibration sleeve
  • 4   Vacuum tank vacStream with adjustable
         pipe support
  • 5   FDC adjustable vacuum sealing
  • 6a coolStream cooling tank
  • 6b pullStream haul-off
  • 6c cutStream cutting unit
  • 6d Tilting table

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more precise information regarding our new FDC components.