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Pelletizing extruders

Pelletizing of PVC

Pelletizing extruder for customized solutions

We offer you twin screw extruders in conventional design or with EMS function for PVC pelletizing. For higher output and special compounds we have planetary roller extruders in two-stage design in our portfolio. In combination with our pelletizing heads, they form in a perfectly matched system for PVC pelletizing and compounding.
Pelletizing system BC 2-107-22V EMS series

Your advantages:
  • Customized twin screw extruders
  • Wide output range
  • Broad variety of PVC formulations
  • Suitable downstream equipment (cutting tools, pellet cooler and further devices)

Our offer:
  • EMS machine series
  • Tailor made conventional twin screw extruders
  • Machines for repelletizing under challenging conditions