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PVC pipe tooling

spider pipe dies and feedblocks – suitable PVC dies for a great variety of applications

Besides the extruder, pipe heads are one of the most important components in a pipe extrusion line. With our spider series, we offer a wide range of pipe heads for the complete range of possible pipe diameters.

spider 160 pipe head for pipes up to 160 mm
spider 50-4 pipe head for four-strand lines with pipe diameters up to 50 mm
spider 1200 pipe head for pipe diameters up to 1,200 mm
Your advantages:
  • Wide throughput and pipe dimension range thanks to flow channel geometries that are optimally adapted to the sizes of the pipe heads
  • Best pipe quality, good pipe surfaces and low pipe overweight
  • Processing of all standard PVC compounds and stabilizer systems
  • User-friendly, robust design with easy handling in production and set-up cycles
  • High operational reliability as well as easy maintenance thanks to the use of high-quality materials and improved design
Our offer:
  • Outer diameters from 6 to 1,600 mm
  • Different pipe heads with classic single spider concept for diameters up to 710 mm
  • Twin-strand tooling for diameters up to 250 mm
  • Four-strand tooling for diameters up to 50 mm
  • Flow channel surfaces are chrome-plated as standard (option: stainless steel or multiple chrome-plating)
  • Support or carriage systems adapted to pipe head size and weight
  • Optimized heating capacity
  • Option:
    o Thermal centering
    o Heating tape insulation

Multi-layer pipe tooling

For more information about tooling for PVC multi-layer pipe and PVC foam core pipe, please click here.
Double spider for a spider RD 48 pipe head for diameters up to 1,200 mm

Double spider pipe heads

We have extensive experience in constructing double spider pipe heads. Due to the staggered positioning of their spiders, they offer distinctive advantages, particularly in the production of thick-walled PVC pipe and in very high throughput ranges.

Your advantages:
  • Best mechanical pipe properties
  • Excellent wall thickness distribution enables reduction of pipe overweight and material savings of ca. 1.5%
  • Perfect inner pipe surface
  • Very high throughputs possible 

Our offer:
  • Seven sizes of double spider heads for diameters up to 1,600 mm
  • All flow channel surfaces are chrome-plated