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Spare parts

Spare parts

Our service team is present worldwide, so all spare parts needed are available for you as fast as possible. Our staff can put together individual spare parts packages for you, enabling you to resume operation straight away in the event of a disruption.

Screws and barrels

We at battenfeld-cincinnati continually improve and optimize our screws and barrels. We offer screw and barrel designs tailored to your production requirements. We can choose from a wide range of screw geometries, based on our many years of experience in the market. Our innovative screw designs also include optimized coatings for all applications and customer needs. In addition, we offer wear analysis and wear protection consulting

Single screw made in-house at battenfeld-cincinnati
Conical twin screws manufactured in-house at battenfeld-cincinnati
Planetary roller extruder screws manufactured in-house at battenfeld-cincinnati