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greenpipe Mining

Pipe extrusion for mining applications

Plastic pipes with superior attributes, serving many purposes

The continuing demand for raw materials, persisting on a high level worldwide and rising steeply in the booming regions of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, has contributed to a massive expansion in the search for and exploitation of raw material resources. Here, the main focus for industrial applications is on crude oil, natural gas and metal ores. Iron ore for steel production and copper ore for the electrical and communication industries are of special interest.

These raw materials are mined in large quantities around the world. Let us take the development in China as an example. China is already one of the largest consumers of many raw materials today. Many market observers expect further high consumption growth rates for the next ten years, to support China’s continuing economic development.

Formerly, steel pipes were used for transport systems in mines. These have a longer service life than the plastic pipes used today, but there are also definite drawbacks. The noise level generated by transporting slurry, a mixture of crushed ore and water, is enormous, and the metal is contaminated by the unavoidable abrasion of steel. As an alternative, thick-walled, large-diameter pipes made of PE 100 are being used for these tasks today.

Plastic pipe extrusion – perfection all round

Custom-made turnkey line concepts for pipe extrusion have long been one of our core competencies. With intelligent machine and automation solutions, we successfully meet our customers’ needs. Every line is designed by us from start to finish, with all individual components matching perfectly. With a combined extrusion experience of more than a century, battenfeld-cincinnati offers the optimal solution for every application, featuring high performance and saving resources.