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greenpipe sewage

Waste water pipe extrusion

Plastic pipes with superior attributes, serving many purposes

In industrialized countries, most households are connected to public water supply and waste water disposal systems. For instance, about 93% of all houses in Germany are connected to sewage systems, in the USA about 83%. In emerging economies such as Brazil the rate is approximately 45%, in India about 9%, in China about 22%, and in Russia about 70%. In the past, cast iron or vitrified clay were used as raw materials for sewage systems. For the last 10 to 15 years, these materials have increasingly been replaced by plastics.

In waste water disposal, both pressure pipes and non-pressure pipes made of plastics are being used, depending on the application conditions. Here, the preferred materials for public sewage systems (DN 200-800 and larger) are PE, PP or PVC pipes, thanks to their easy laying, installation and maintenance properties, light weight, resistance to incrustation and corrosion and durability, together with the necessary strength for underground laying. Pipes for domestic waste water disposal (DN 100-200) are also abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant against domestic waste water and suitable for a maximum waste water temperature of 95°C. Depending on the field of application, the pipes are required to meet additional demands, such as soundm insulation. Plastic pipes are inexpensive, hygienic and ecologically advantageous.

Plastic pipe extrusion – perfection all round

Custom-made turnkey line concepts for pipe extrusion have long been one of our core competencies. With intelligent machine and automation solutions, we successfully meet our customers’ needs. Every line is designed by us from start to finish, with all individual components matching perfectly. With a combined extrusion experience of more than a century, battenfeld-cincinnati offers the optimal solution for every application, featuring high performance and saving resources.