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The all-rounder among single screw extruders

Customized solutions to meet the most exacting demands

With the new single screw extruder concept, we offer the optimal solution for every demand and application. We have achieved this by using a proven modular system with a simultaneous option of fulfilling our customers’ individual wishes and demands with customized product development. The 30 L/D processing unit is perfectly able to meet all requirements.

The uniEX universal extruder series is favorably priced and flexible in application. In particular, it can be used wherever somewhat shorter L/D ratios and lower screw speeds are an advantage in processing. uniEX is the ideal equipment for processors seeking a high-performance extruder in proven battenfeld-cincinnati quality with a wide processing window and application technology support provided by battenfeld-cincinnati. The uniEX series combines all of the benefits, which are decisive for cost-efficient use of the extruder. They are the result of continuous development in engineering and process technology in regular cooperation with raw material producers and customers.

Your advantages:
  • High flexibility through multiple processing options
  • Various special screw geometries for processing of a great variety of polymers
  • AC motors with low energy consumption
  • Proven battenfeld-cincinnati quality and an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Extremely space-saving
  • Wear-opimized grooved barrel concept

Our offer:

  • Screw diameters from 35 to 75 mm
  • 30:1 L/D ratio
  • Outputs from 10 kg/h to 500 kg/h
  • Ideally suited for pipes, profiles and cables
  • Also available as co-extruders
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • battenfeld-cincinnati automation with complete range of functions available