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helix – PO pipe dies to suit a wide range of applications

Dies made to fit a great variety of customers’ needs

With its helix series, battenfeld-cincinnati offers its customers an extensive choice of custom-made PO pipe die models which can be adapted to meet a great variety of demands. If, for example, a wide range of different materials are to be processed with high throughput rates, the 2-step distribution concept of VSI dies is the answer. By contrast, side-fed distributors or spider-type mandrel dies are the ideal equipment for processing materials such as EVOH or PEX-b, where dwell time is a critical factor.

The custom-made dies include models such as modified VSI dies for 4-layer applications, 7-layer dies with 4 color stripes to produce PP pipes with fiberglass and an oxygen barrier layer, but also multi-layer dies to process materials sensitive to dwell time, such as PEX-b. Complex multi-layer dies can be equipped with different distribution concepts for the individual layers according to the special requirements in each case.

helix 250-3 VSI-T pipe die in a 3-layer PE extrusion line with the energy-efficient "Green Pipe" system

Your advantages:
  • High throughput
  • Precise wall thickness distribution
  • Long service life through short dwell time of the melt in the die

Our offer:

  • Optimal melt distribution concepts are available to suit all areas of application and specification profiles (VSI, spiral mandrel distributors, side-fed distributors, spider-type mandrel dies or simple, compact radial distributors)