Interview with a former trainee

Carsten Bulmahn successfully completed his apprenticeship to become an industrial technician in our company at the Bad Oeynhausen facility. After his advanced education to qualify as a certified mechanical technician, he was employed by battenfeld-cincinnati as a trainee, mainly at the Bad Oeynhausen facility. Since the end of the trainee program, Bulmahn has been working as a tooling design engineer and is now also the training officer for our technical product designer apprentices.

Mr. Bulmahn, what sparked off your desire to start an advanced education program to become a certified technician after completing your industrial technician apprenticeship?

During my 2 years of employment at the in-house extrusion die manufacturing shop, I developed a strong interest in designing and laying out complex tooling myself. My training as a technician also seemed to be the right basis for further hands-on education and training.

Why did you then decide to come back to battenfeld-cincinnati?

My reasons for coming back were simple: good work atmosphere and cooperation among colleagues, an innovative employer and opportunities for personal advancement.

How has the trainee program helped you to re-enter working life in our company?

Much had changed in the two years of my absence. New colleagues, structures and ways of working. Since I had passed through many different departments in the course of my trainee program, I was perfectly able to adjust to the new conditions. I also got to know several areas I had no contact with in my previous position. This made my re-entry very pleasant.

What do you particularly like about your present position?

The interesting point about my present position is the largely independent product designing and processing of complex orders, as well as layout and calculation with various programs such as FloEFD Pro (flow simulation).

We wish to thank Mr. Bulmahn for the interview conducted on 18 December 2012.


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