Exhibition information: NPE - NG extruder series: Meeting extrusion challenges with higher performance, lower energy costs and more flexibility

At booth number W2771 at NPE, battenfeld-cincinnati USA will show the solEX NG and conEX NG extruder series for the first time on the US market. These are equipped with the Industry 4.0 compatible BCtouch UX control that also makes its debut in the US.

Download the pdf to read the full text.

  • BCU_Messe201801-NPE_NG-series_EN.pdf
  • BCU_Messe201801-NPE_NG-series_DE.pdf
  • BCU_Messe201701-NPE_NG-series_pt.pdf
  • BCU_Messe201701-NPE_NG-series_SP.pdf


conEX NG 65: flexible, energy-efficient PVC processing with the new BCtouch UX control system Download
A conEX NG 54 co-extruder for flexibility in co-extrusion Download
solEX NG: high-performance PO pipe extrusion of all sizes from micro ducts to large-diameter, thick-walled pipes up to 2.6 m Download
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