Cable ducts (PO)

Plastic pipe is used for the protection of power lines and cables for data transmission, control systems and telecommunication from outside impact. The most common materials are PO, PP and PVC. To a lesser extent, PPO or ABS/PC blends are also used for halogen-free installations in buildings. In the automotive industry, corrugated cable ducts made of polyamide are in use as well.

Cable ducts can be smooth or corrugated, with a focus laid on combining excellent pipe rigidity with minimal pipe weight. Therefore, a wide range of pipe wall structures and dimensions can be found to suit every application. Micro duct and multi duct pipes are a growing market segment in this application.

Pictures of applications

Example of a special application:

These pipes are used for the protection of glass fiber cables (e.g. for telecommunication and fast internet connection). There are various different ways to bundle micro duct pipes into so-called multi duct pipes, depending on application.



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