Drip irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation systems have existed only for the last few decades. They consist of plastic pipes fitted with outlets at regular intervals. The water is distributed directly to the plants‘ root areas by drippers in pipe lines laid above ground or underground. To ensure constant water supply to every dripper, different types of drippers are used, for instance round drippers, flat drippers or drip tapes. Irrigation with plastic pipes enables higher yields and savings due to targeted use of fertilizers. Another benefit, particularly in arid climates, is the prevention of soil salinization. 

    PO irrigation pipes are resistant to weathering and UV radiation and lend themselves to flexible laying. A distinction is made between:

    • Thick-walled drip pipe lines with pressure compensation: drippers are fitted with
      membranes that close at a preset pressure and thus prevent complete emptying of the drip pipe
    • Thin-walled drip pipe lines without pressure compensation

    Various applications:


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