Sewage & drainage pipes (PVC)

In the past, cast iron or vitrified clay were used for sewage pipe systems. Now, plastics pressure and non-pressure solid wall, corrugated or multi-layer pipes are used. For public sewage systems (DN 200-800 and larger), the main raw materials are PE, PP or PVC. Not only do they provide an excellent price/performance ratio, but they also have a minimum 50-year service life.

Thanks to its excellent material properties, such as high stiffness, PVC is especially suited as raw material for sewage pipes.

Drainage pipes are required to meet more and more stringent demands imposed for underground drainage. Building drainage systems drain rain water and snowmelts via gutters and downpipes to the main building site drainage. In road construction, the surface water from rain or snowfall is collected and absorbed by drainage systems to prevent structural damage and danger to traffic. Pipes with smooth inner surfaces and circular profiles on the outside are in use particularly in road and tunnel construction, but also in building site drainage.

In high-load applications, such as road construction and underground structures, preference is given to PVC pipes because of their high ring stiffness. The smooth surface at the bottom of these pipes provides substantially better drainage attributes than circular corrugated pipes.

Pictures of applications


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