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Data protection notice

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You have clicked on a forward to the website of battenfeld-cincinnati China.

本网站在中国的服务器上托管。请注意, 无法确保在中国的服务器上达到欧盟服务器上相同的高数据保护级别。
This website is hosted on a Chinese server. Please note that it is not possible to ensure the same high data protection level on a Chinese server that you find on a server in the European Union.

通过点击红色按钮, 您同意转向到中国的服务器, 并在中国的服务器上处理和保存您的数据。
By clicking the red button, you agree to be forwarded to the Chinese server and you agree to the processing and saving of your data in China.

如果您不同意, 请点击 "取消"按钮返回到巴顿菲尔-辛辛那提欧洲的网站。
If you do not agree to this, please click on “Cancel” to return to the battenfeld-cincinnati website in Europe.

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