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A distinction is made between compact sheets and foamed sheets. Foam sheets possess excellent heat and sound insulation properties and high impact resistance.

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For foam sheets, a further differentiation can be made between: 

  • Free foam sheets: fine, even foam structure and a matt-finished, finely structured, closed-cell surface
  • Co-extruded multi-layer sheets: many options for additional or new product attributes geared to a specific field of application, for example in terms of color schemes and surface design

PVC sheets are used in many industries, such as:

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Marketing and communications

  • Signs and banners
  • Signboards
  • Trade fair stands and displays
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  • Used as shelves and paneling and in store construction
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Building construction industries

  • Compact, transparent or corrugated sheets for carport covers and awnings
  • Foam sheets used as insulation sheets and decor panels (trim boards)

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