K 2016: 更低熔温、更低能耗、更低投资成本

今年德国杜塞尔多夫 K 展盛会,巴顿菲尔辛辛那提将展示最新研发的高性能 单螺杆挤出机系列:solEX NG(NG = Next Generation 代表新一代) 系列。这款在现有久经考验 solEX 系列基础上研发的新一代产品,拥有全新 的加工处理单元,具有众多优点,如低熔温,节能降耗高达 15%等等。



This picture shows a cross-section of the barrel to illustrate the internal design of the new processing unit. The various differently shaped grooves in the processing unit are designed to meet the specific requirements of each section. (Schematic representation: battenfeld-cincinnati) Download
The design of the solEX NG extruder series is nearly identical to the proven solEX range. This makes it possible to retrofit existing machines with the new process technology (photo: battenfeld-cincinnati). Download

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