Downstream for large diameter pipes

Large diameter pipe extrusion

The extrusion of large-diameter pipes is extremely exacting. A smooth production process can only be achieved through optimal interaction between all line components and a perfectly coordinated line control system. 

battenfeld-cincinnati supplies complete lines for large-diameter pipe extrusion from HDPE (currently up to 2,600 mm) or PVC (currently up to 1,600 mm).  

In the area of downstream components, special attention is paid to energy efficiency. Smooth pipes with nominal widths above 800 mm are primarily used for municipal underground supply and disposal pipe systems and in the mining industry. Corrugated and spirally wound pipes with large diameters are primarily used for unpressurized applications.

  • More than 30 years of experience with large-diameter pipe applications
  • More than 100 large diameter pipe extrusion lines successful in the market
  • Reliable and constant production
  • Maximum line output thanks to downstream equipment being optimally coordinated with the extruder-and-die combination
  • Complete modular equipment kit:
    • Vacuum tanks vacStream for pipe diameters up to 2,600 mm
    • Cooling tanks coolStream for pipe diameters up to 2,600 mm
    • Haul-offs pullStream for pipe diameters up to 2,500 mm 
    • Cutting units for pipe diameters up to 2,500 mm
    • Roller tables rollStream for pipe diameters up to 2,500 mm
    • Downstream equipment for pipe diameters up to 3,000 mm available on request
  • A great wealth of experience in machine and process technology
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Production-safe and reliable machinery
  • Proven battenfeld-cincinnati quality
  • All components from a single source
  • Optimally coordinated complete lines


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