Downstream for small-diameter pipes

Extrusion of small pipes

Extruded plastic pipes with diameters below 63 mm are used for micro cable ducts and cable conduits and in the heating and sanitary installations industry. In addition, such pipes are also used in apparatus and plant engineering as well as in greenhouses and rain water utilization equipment. In these areas, plastic pipes have increasingly replaced metal pipes made of copper, steel or stainless steel over the last two decades, largely thanks to simple, quick and safe joining techniques. All known PVC and polyolefin types can be processed; the bandwidth of materials processed depends on the application and regional preferences.

battenfeld-cincinnati supplies complete extrusion lines optimally adapted to each individual application for producing mono- and multi-layer pipes from all thermoplastic materials. Special care is given to process technology in coordinating the control system for all components, in the interest of production safety and reliability, efficiency, flexibility and, last but not least, end product quality.

  • More than five decades of experience with complete extrusion lines for mono- and multi-layer pipes and line components with extremely high outputs of more than 180 m/min
  • Extensive experience in the extrusion of all standard thermoplastic materials
  • Maximum line output thanks to downstream equipment being optimally coordinated with the extruder-and-die combinations
  • Secure and constant production output
  • Complete modular downstream equipment kit:
    • Vacuum tanks vacStream for pipe diameters up to 63 mm
    • Cooling tanks coolStream for pipe diameters up to 63 mm
    • Haul-offs pullStream for pipe diameters up to 63 mm
    • Cutting units cutStream for pipe diameters up to 63 mm
    • Roller tables rollStream for pipe diameters up to 63 mm
    • Tipping troughs tiltStream for pipe diameters up to 160 mm
    • Downstream equipment for multiple strand extrusion (twin-strand and four-strand)
  • Comprehensive know-how in machine and process technology, acquired from a great number of successful projects
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Production-safe and reliable machinery
  • Proven battenfeld-cincinnati quality
  • All components from a single source
  • Optimally coordinated complete lines for flexible use


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