Extrusion of PE-Xa pipes

Line competence from a single source

The three success factors for PE-Xa pipe extrusion are the raw material/formulation, the extrusion process and the cross-linking technology. Here, battenfeld-cincinnati concentrates mainly on the extrusion part. Materials and the cross-linking equipment are taken care of by close cooperation with well-known partner companies.

battenfeld-cincinnati currently offers pipe dies for PE-Xa processing in two different sizes:

  • Pipe head RK32PEX for external pipe diameters of up to 32 mm
  • Pipe head RK63PEX for external pipe diameters of up to 63 mm
  • Depending on the field of application for the pipes, it is also possible to produce 3-, 4- or 5-layer pipes by using co-extrusion.

battenfeld-cincinnati currently offers three different extruder sizes for processing PE-Xa:

  • conEX 50 PE-Xa with 30 to 50 kg/h throughput
  • twinEX 72-26 PE-Xa with 60 to 90 kg/h throughput
  • twinEX 93-28 PE-Xa with 100 to 150 kg/h throughput
  • Optimal melt quality
  • Maximum throughput
  • Long production cycles
  • Complete line from a single source
  • Counseling and support concerning suitable formulations and material preparation


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