twinEX - The new dimension in parallel twin screw extruders

Customized solutions for highest demands

With the twinEX twin screw extruder concept, we offer the optimal solution for every need and application. To this end, we use a tried-and-tested modular system and simultaneously offer options to fulfill our customers’ individual wishes and meet their special needs with customized product development.

  • Maintenance-free Intracool® screw cooling system
  • Insulated barrel with apc® (air power cooling) system
  • AC motors with optimal degree of efficiency
  • Application-optimized, top-quality wear protection made of tungsten carbide, molybdenum or chrome coating, or with nitrided surfaces
  • Maximized output ranges thanks to optimized screw geometries
  • Easy handling through intelligent machine design
  • Machine sizes from 72 to 173 mm in diameter
  • L/D ratios: 28:1 and 34:1
  • Outputs pipe: 150-2,500 kg/h
  • Outputs profile: 90-600 kg/h
  • Outputs sheet/board: 200-2,000 kg/h
  • Worldwide service
  • Process engineering counseling and training
  • Facilities for customer-specific testing in our in-house technical center and PVC mixing station
  • Extensive range of metering, tooling, calibration solutions
  • Pedestal on rolls (for profile)
  • Pedestal on rails (for profile)
  • Extruder frame on rolls (for pipe)
  • Extruder frame on rails (for pipe)
  • Parallel arrangement or positioning at various angles
  • “Piggyback“ version - placed directly above the main extruder

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  • Supports OPC-UA Protocol
  • Supports industry 4.0 functions
  • Control mounted directly on the extruder cabinet or on a mobile stand
  • Individually customizable user interface: adapted to every machine operator (language, icons, screen configuration)
  • Up to 7 extruders can be integrated into the control


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