coat - coating dies

battenfeld-cincinnati also offers modular coating dies which can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Thanks to a small side-fed distributor followed by a spiral mandrel, the two-step distribution system ensures even distribution across the pipe circumference, even for materials requiring short dwell times (such as EVOH).

The melt distribution systems of the coat tooling can be assembled depending on the product’s requirements: for example VSI two-step distributors can be used as “universal distribution systems” for a wide range of viscosities. This means that during production the coating of pipe with HDPE, PP or HDPE regrind is possible with the same pipe tooling.

  • Modular design of every single layer for optimized flow geometries
  • For the outer layer (e.g. PEX-b) and the inner layer (e.g. adhesive layer; EVOH; adhesive layer), double side-fed distributors can be used; elaborate centering of the individual layers can be dispensed with thanks to the optimized distribution of the melt
  • Side-fed distributors for smaller pipes with thin walls and residence time-sensitive materials

VSI technology for pipe diameters from 220 mm:

  • Particularly for high throughputs and large wall thicknesses
  • Moderate pressure ensures low melt temperatures even with high outputs

Special application: tooling for micro and multi duct pipes

battenfeld-cincinnati also offers special tooling for the production of micro duct and multi duct pipes.

coat VSI – coating dies for the production of multi ducts / pipe bundles

Your advantages:

  • Special pipe guidance inside the tooling
  • Many different bundle geometries can be produced with one basic tooling 
  • Pipe bundles and coating do not stick together (thermic separation)

Our offer:

  • Simple and cost-efficient implementation of individual bundle geometries 
  • Mono- or multi-layer coating of pipe bundles 
  • Option: frequency-controlled vacuum pump


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