helix II - VSI-T dies with inner pipe cooling (EAC)

The innovative tooling with "Efficient Air Cooling" (EAC) internal pipe cooling

With the EAC internal pipe cooling system, battenfeld-cincinnati has set new benchmarks and enabled higher throughputs. The advantages of the proven VSI pipe dies are enhanced by additional internal pipe cooling with an air current against the extrusion direction. EAC can be used for PE and PP pipes with diameters ranging from 63 to 2,600 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 100 mm. Existing VSI dies can be retrofitted quickly and at low cost with EAC. This is possible for all VSI mono-layer and most VSI multi-layer dies (helix II 250 VSI or higher).

With the EAC system, the length of the cooling section can be shortened by 30% to 50%. Alternatively, the throughput can be increased accordingly. The energy of the heated exhaust air from internal pipe cooling can be reclaimed for purposes such as pre-heating granulates. As an option, a melt cooling unit can be integrated into these pipe heads.

  • Simple retrofitting of existing VSI dies
  • Energy savings thanks to the use of exhaust air from internal pipe cooling (e.g. for pre-heating granulates)
  • Very powerful ventilators
  • Ventilator speed can be varied with the aid of a frequency inverter according to process requirements
  • To reduce sound emission, the ventilator is sound-insulated (max. 85 dBA at a distance of 1 m)
  • Permanently installed exhaust air system with thermal insulation
  • Proven EAC system for pipe diameters from 63 - 2,600 mm and wall thicknesses up to 100 mm
  • Efficient production thanks to reduction of needed cooling length or increase in throughput of existing line
  • Improvement of pipe geometry (pipe roundness)


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