PVC multi-layer pipe tooling

In addition to the tooling for producing foam core pipe, the PVC multi-layer pipe market demands solutions for different compact versions, such as pipe with a middle layer made from recycled materials or with a high filler content. For these purposes, we have a variety of multi-layer pipe heads in our portfolio.
Depending on the requirements, both latest generation compact 3-layer pipe heads and conventional feedblock systems with pipe heads are used.

  • Very good layer distribution
  • Best mechanical pipe properties
  • Smooth inner pipe surfaces
  • Low meter weights
  • Different core materials can be processed
  • Two different tooling systems
  • Steel and coating alternatives for flow channel surfaces adapted to the application
  • Flow channels adapted to the outputs
  • Optimized pipe heads are used with feedblock systems (fb execution)

3-layer pipe heads for foam core pipe extrusion

We offer pipe heads for 3-layer PVC pipes with foamed or compact middle layer.

Your advantages:

  • Short flow channels and small volume enable processing of a various formulations and stabilizers
  • Optimized distribution channels provide perfect layer distribution and low pipe weight
  • The “spider” design concept is suitable for a wide range of applications from foamed to compact, high-filled and/or reclaimed materials
  • Modular concept that can also be converted to a 2-layer system

Our offer:

  • Cover dimensions from OD 32 mm up to 710 mm
  • Throughput rates from 350 kg/h up to 1,600 kg/h


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