Anniversary: USA facility established 40 years ago

battenfeld-cincinnati USA celebrates its 40th anniversary at its facility in McPherson, Kansas. “battenfeld-cincinnati has a long history in extrusion, dating back to the 1940s. This year, we are celebrating 40 years of activity in the USA. We are committed to this market and to our customers with our products and solutions,” Gerold Schley, CEO of BC Extrusion Holding GmbH, is pleased to announce.

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The facility of battenfeld-cincinnati USA in McPherson, Kansas / USA Скачать
Production floor of battenfeld-cincinnati USA Скачать
Gerold Schley, CEO of BC Extrusion Holding GmbH Скачать
Paul Godwin, President & CEO of battenfeld-cincinnati USA since the beginning of 2017 Скачать
Extrusion machinery from the year 1999: TS-88 extruder for profile extrusion Скачать
One extruder combination from the company’s current portfolio: twinEX 148 and conEX 63 extruders for the co-extrusion of pipe and profile Скачать
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