Exhibition information: Plastex Cairo

battenfeld-cincinnati will present its newest extrusion technology developments to the Egyptian market at Plastex Cairo 2018 at booth 2G15 (ground floor). As technology leader, battenfeld-cincinnati offers a wide range of equipment and complete production lines for pipes – from micro duct and multi duct applications for the protection of data transmission and telecommunication cables to large diameter pipes for gas and water transport with diameters up to 1.6 m (PVC) and up to 2.6 m (PO). In addition, extruders and the latest roll stack models for high outputs and high line speeds in thermoforming sheet extrusion will be introduced.

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Parallel twin screw extruder twinEX for pipe, profile and sheet extrusion Скачать
The new single screw series solEX NG with the new BCtouch UX control for Industry 4.0 applications. Скачать
The Multi-Touch roll stack in XXL version – this model achieves outputs of up to 3,300 kg/h (PET) Скачать
Micro duct pipe sheathing process with battenfeld-cincinnati’s coating die Скачать
battenfeld-cincinnati offers complete large diameter pipe lines up to diameters of 2.6 m (PO) and 1.6 m (PVC) Скачать
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