FDC pipe extrusion line delivers ultimate flexibility in diameters and wall thicknesses

“battenfeld-cincinnati was the only machine manufacturer able to meet our requirements in terms of full automation and ultimate flexibility”, is how Kenn E. Byllemos, COO of Emtelle Denmark based in Sønder Felding, explains their decision to work with the German-Austrian extruder specialist.

For about one year, the plastics processor has been operating a complete extrusion line from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany at its plant in Denmark, which produces 4-layer pipes with diameters ranging from 200 to 800 mm according to SDR classification (DIN 8074), as well as in special customized sizes - and all of this with minimal changeover times and scrap quantities. With its extremely flexible machine components, battenfeld-cincinnati optimally meets the market demand of its customers from the pipe industry.

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With the FDC line, changeover to different pipe dimensions currently takes about 20 min at Emtelle’s plant and change to a different automatic dimension range is possible within one shift Скачать
Close-up view of pipe head and calibration sleeve at Emtelle’s plant in Sønder Felding, Denmark during production Скачать
With the FDC line, pipe dimensions and wall thicknesses can be changed during running production Скачать
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