K 2016: Innovative thermoforming sheet lines convince customers from around the world

“For us, battenfeld-cincinnati is the most innovative machine manufacturer for thermoforming sheet lines thanks to their high-speed extruder and the special roll stack,” Song Seok Hwan, President & CEO of Korean company Dongjin Co., Ltd., Ansong comments enthusiastically. This is why the largest producer of thermoformed packaging in Korea recently ordered the second complete 3-layer line with a Multi-Touch roll stack. The line makes PE, PP and PS sheet in thicknesses ranging from 0.35 to 2.0 mm for thermoforming applications with outputs of up to 1,500 kg/h.

For the German-Austrian machine manufacturer battenfeldcincinnati, this confirms that their machine concepts are ideally suited to the growing market needs. Naturally, battenfeld-cincinnati will present them at this year’s K show in Düsseldorf. According to the motto “driven by innovation”, the latest developments are shown alongside proven machine concepts for the packaging industry.

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The line with Multi-Touch roll stack at the plant in Ansong, Korea (© Dongjin Co Ltd) Скачать
Mr Song Seok Hwan, President & CEO of Dongjin Co. Ltd (© Dongjin Co Ltd) Скачать
End products produced on the Multi-Touch line (© Dongjin Co Ltd) Скачать
End products produced on the Multi-Touch line (© Dongjin Co Ltd) Скачать
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