"Why we have chosen battenfeld-cincinnati."

Our employees are the key to our success. We know that - and encounter each and every one of them with the greatest appreciation. We are proud of how much our team feels connected to our company.

At this point, we would like to let some of our colleagues have their words. Are you interested in an apprenticeship or a job at battenfeld-cincinnati? Find out here first-hand what your potential future colleagues report.

That's what our employees say:

Assembly Coordinator/Supervisor (USA)

I work as an Assembly Coordinator/Supervisor for battenfeld-cincinnati and experience a very varied daily work routine. As well as coordinating the assembly of extruders, spare parts, and tooling assembly, I myself, as a hands-on person,  also help with the assembly operations.

What I find most rewarding is seeing the finished high-quality products and knowing we are able to meet even the most complex customer demands. I also appreciate the positive working environment at battenfeld-cincinnati. To put it simply: I really like what I do and the people I work with.

Materials and Logistics Manager (USA)

What I like most about my job as a Materials and Logistics Manager at battenfeld-cincinnati is the challenge it gives me, overseeing materials and logistics. It’s a very fast-paced department; things are always moving.

I enjoy working at battenfeld-cincinnati due to the atmosphere we have created here at BCU. We are a tight-knit group of individuals that rely on each other to complete our daily tasks. We are more of a family than co-workers.


Aftermarket Sales Manager (USA)

As an Aftermarket Sales Manager, I am passionate about our customers and their needs. Every day presents new opportunities which are both challenging and rewarding. It is a very fast-paced environment, but we have the best internal and global support team in place to make everything come together each and every day. And at the end of each day, I feel proud of the products we have supplied and support. It is truly enjoyable to work for a company that puts their employees first, as well as their customers.


很高兴已经在巴顿菲尔-辛辛那提(中国)工作了十几年。公司提供极具竞争力的薪酬,全面的社会福利和职业培训机会。battenfeld-cincinnati (中国)使我们能够发展个人能力,并让我们充分利用职业机会。因此,作为员工,一旦加入,便想留下。





battenfeld-cincinnati 是一家很优秀的公司,极具创新和全球思维。在这里,所有的员工都是诚实负责的。他们对工作充满活力和热情,为公司的进步作出很大的贡献。

成为这样一个优秀团队中的一员并与之合作,使我非常享受我的工作,并使我有意地向前迈进。我很高兴能在battenfeld-cincinnati 中国工作超过15年。

Internal Sales (Austria)

At battenfeld-cincinnati, no two days are the same for me as the needs and orders of our international customers vary to a great extent. Still, this is exactly what I find appealing about my job.

Returning after my maternity leave, I was granted a switch to part-time employment, which I consider a win-win situation for both sides. I can always count on my colleagues, who are very dear to me. In accordance with the saying “United we stand”, we have mastered a great variety of challenges – and will continue to do so in the future.

Service Department (Austria)

I have been part of our Service Department since January 2021. My team at the Vienna location were very welcoming and made it easy for me to integrate myself quickly. I am lucky enough to work with people from many different countries and cultures. This provides me with the opportunity to learn something new every single day.

battenfeld-cincinnati is invested in sustainable economic development, energy efficiency, and the conservation of resources. Being part of a company that has been growing profitably for such a long period of time gives me a sense of security.


Shift supervisor in production/manufacturing

As a Shift Supervisor at battenfeld-cincinnati, I am confronted with new challenges every day, organizing shifts, solving production problems in a timely manner, or coordinating communications between construction and programming. I enjoy working for battenfeld-cincinnati Austria as we are a great, secure, social, and, above all, innovative company, at which you can achieve a lot.

With ongoing investments in research and development, battenfeld-cincinnati is well prepared for the future in the context of a global market. We as employees are safe in the knowledge that there is always an open ear for listening to our ideas as well as problems. Contributing my experience and energy here feels right because I know that I am appreciated and get the chance to move forward with my career plans.

Trainer of the Metal Cutting Mechanics (Germany)

"I particularly enjoy the technical and manual work in an outstanding team at battenfeld-cincinnati. The demanding single-piece production of our machines and thus also the individual production of the individual components are particularly challenging for me. In addition, battenfeld-cincinnati offers a great working environment and excellent working conditions. We are bound by collective labor agreements, and that in itself is a great advantage."


Employee in mechanical production

"Originally I come from a different field of metal processing, but at battenfeld-cincinnati I was able to get to know new areas and constantly develop myself. The variety of single-part production means that there is never a dull moment. There are always new developments that make my everyday work exciting. The atmosphere with supervisors and colleagues in the company is very good, and the advantages of being tariff-bound make battenfeld-cincinnati a top employer."

Foreman in Mechanical Production (Germany)

"I like going to work because I love my job. It's fun to master a new challenge every day and to work with people who find technology as exciting as I do. Our common goal is to advance a first-class product. In my development and training, battenfeld-cincinnati has supported me a lot: with always new tasks, seminars and training courses."