battenfeld-cincinnati China presents its newest developments at Chinaplas 2019 - battenfeld-cincinnati

battenfeld-cincinnati China presents its newest developments at Chinaplas 2019

battenfeld-cincinnati China presents its newest developments at Chinaplas 2019 on booth J41 in hall 1.1. battenfeld-cincinnati China’s extensive portfolio offers processors the right line for every pipe application – from small and medium standard pipes to more complex multi-layer or large diameter pipes. battenfeld-cincinnati also offers a wide range of equipment for the production of thermoforming sheet and technical PVC sheet. High-quality extrusion equipment and services are the core of the company’s products.

solEX: powerful single screw extruders for large diameter PO pipe

solEX single screw extruders offer top performance for smooth and corrugated PO pipe extrusion (up to 2,750 kg/h for smooth HDPE pipe and up to 2,200 kg/h for corrugated HDPE pipe). They have high throughputs thanks to their optimized screw geometry and large processing length. At the same time, they offer excellent melt homogeneity and low melt temperatures for best product quality. These technical features help to reduce sagging, thus saving material, which is a large cost factor in pipe production.

AC motors ensure low energy consumption – in total, solEX extruders use 15-25% less energy than conventional extruders. At Chinaplas, a solEX 60-40-C will be shown at the booth with the new control system BCtouch UX.

State-of-the-art control system BCtouch UX

The control system BCtouch UX features Industry 4.0 applications like preventive maintenance, OPC-UA functionality and remote maintenance. The swivel-type operating panel has a 21.5 inch HD multi-touch screen for intuitive operation and allows individual configurations and language selection for each operator.

leanEX: Lean polyolefin pipe extrusion lines

Custom-made turnkey line concepts for pipe extrusion have long been one of our core competencies. With intelligent machine and automation solutions, we successfully meet our customers’ needs. Every line is designed by us from start to finish: an optimal solution for every application with high performance and efficient use of resources.

The leanEX line concept is a turnkey system developed by battenfeld-cincinnati China for the production of polyolefin pipes with diameters from 16 to 630 mm. Four extruder sizes for outputs up to 540 kg/h (PP-R) are available. They offer high line speeds and outputs, are easy to handle, have a high degree of automation and long lifetimes thanks to quality components. With our compact touch screen control, an overview of all line parameters is possible at all times and ensures reliable production of high-quality pipes.

At Chinaplas, the leanEX 1-60-30-CL model will be exhibited on the booth. This execution has a compact and modular design and is equipped with direct drive (AC), continuous speed control and spur gear with integrated thrust bearing. The barrel is nitrided and air-cooled. The integrated high-speed feed section is grooved and water-cooled and achieves high output.

State-of-the-art equipment for thermoforming sheet and technical PVC sheet

battenfeld-cincinnati also offers a wide range of equipment for the production of thermoforming sheet for food packaging, such as the high-speed extruders and the Multi-Touch roll stacks that ensure excellent product quality even at high line speeds. For technical PVC sheet, which is used in protective covers, as decorative sheet or for laminating credit cards, planetary roller extruders with outputs of up to 4,000 kg/h are available.

During an Open House battenfeld-cincinnati opens the doors for customers to see the demonstration of three complete lines to show the latest developments for pipe and thermoforming sheet production.

The following lines will be presented:

uPVC duo-strand pipe line up to 32mm for the production of PVC-Pipes with a conical twin-screw extruder leanEX 2-58R-CL

The Extruder is equipped with a local gearbox and a large bearing for high backpressure. This complete cost effective standard line is from a single source and offers long lifetime and high processing security.

Pipe size: 20*1.5mm
Total output: 250 kg/h

2-layer duo-strand PPR pipe line

With this line different diameter pipes can be produced at the same time. The combination of haul-off and saw saves space and offers the highest price-performance ratio.

Pipe size: 20*2.8mm, 25*3.5mm
Total output: 475 kg/h

High-Speed thermoforming sheet line for PP

This cutting-edge technology line for PP, PS thermoforming sheet production is equipped with the proven high speed extruder. This extruder saves 15-20% energy compared to traditional systems. Due to the reduction of residence time best quality results will be achieved. The innovative loop control, an inline control system and other exclusive features available are ensure optimal sheet quality with superior transparency and surface gloss.

Find out how our equipment can support and enhance your production. Visit our booth J41 in hall 1.1!

Welcome to our open house on May 22nd and 23rd , 2019, Guangdong Shunde facility.

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