1. Information about the collection of personal data and provider identification

In the following, we inform you about the collection of personal data during your use of this website. Personal data include all data relating to your person, such as your name, address, email addresses and user behavior.

2. Data collection

We collect information when you visit and use our website, and when you register or log in. When you use our website, some technical data are transmitted to us for a limited period, such as the IP address of your network, date and time, time zone and status of the file requested, information about the website you use to reach our website, your type of browser and the version of your operating system. When you register or log in on our website, we request various information from you, such as your name, your contact data and your user account settings.

No personal data are collected on this website unless you make these available to us on a voluntary basis (for example by registration on our download area or by sending us an email via our contact form, the supplier information form, the extruserve form or a job application form in the career section). The data you provide will be used only for the purpose specified in each case (e.g. sending information about our products, preparing offers, answering your enquiries or processing your job application). They will not be used for any other purpose.

Please read more details under Sections 5 and 6.

3. Data security

We maintain current technical precautions to ensure data security, in particular to protect your personal data against data transmission risks and inadvertent disclosure to third parties. These precautions are regularly adjusted in line with the current state of the art.

4. Collection of personal data from informational use

From the merely informational use of our website, that is unless you log in or register to use our website or transmit information to us in any other way, we do not collect any data except the data transmitted to us by your browser to enable you to visit our website.

Analysis by LeadLab from WiredMinds

Our website uses the LeadLab technology from WiredMinds GmbH (www.wiredminds.de) to analyse visitor behaviour. Only listed ("whitelisted") company IP addresses of visitors to our website are processed. The processing is carried out for the sole purpose of identifying the companies visiting our website and collecting relevant information about the legal entity (e.g. the company name, address, number of employees, etc...). In relation to the visiting behaviour on our website, we create a usage profile, focused exclusively on the respective company. The data obtained during the analysis are not used to identify so-called "natural person" visitors to our website and to evaluate their visitor behaviour. IP addresses of natural persons are excluded from further use (whitelist procedure); the IP address of natural persons is not stored in LeadLab under any circumstances.

Since at least the short-term processing of personal data in the form of IP addresses of natural persons cannot be excluded, their processing by us is carried out in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f DSGVO (legitimate interest of the controller).


5. Use of functions on our website

In addition to purely informational use of our website, we offer a number of different services you can use if you are interested. To do so, you are generally required to disclose some additional personal data, which we will use to provide the desired service(s). Any possible additional voluntary statements are clearly marked as optional.

5a. Contact form

Your data will be processed for the duration of the handling of your request. Your data will be deleted as soon as the purpose of the processing has been fulfilled and there are no legal retention rules or other obstacles to the deletion.

5b. Registration on our download area

(1) For registration to access our download area, we use the “double opt-in” procedure. This means that, after you have given us your email address, we send you a confirmation email to the address you have given us, in which we ask you to confirm that you desire registration on our download area. If you do not confirm this within 24 hours, your registration will be deleted automatically. As soon as you confirm your registration for our download area, your name, e-mail address, country, company name, telephone number and your password will be saved and kept on record by us until you revoke your registration. The purpose of saving these data is to give you access to our download area and the information materials provided in this area. With your registration and confirmation, we also save your IP addresses and relevant points in time to prevent misuse of your personal data. The data you transmit to us on a voluntary basis are saved on our server in Germany. The data will be saved in compliance with applicable law in each case.

(2) Mandatory information for registration on the download area are your name, your email address and a password of your own choice which meets the data security criteria. The entry of additional, specially marked items of information is optional and serves to collect information about the use of our brochures, and to contact you if there is a specific reason. In the event of revocation on your part, these data are also deleted completely.


6. Disclosure of data to third parties

To ensure optimal processing of your enquiries from the contact form, the extruserve form and the supplier information form, we may pass on the data you have supplied to us to a staff member from another facility or to one of our local agencies. In third countries (non-members of the EU), which are not bound to the stringent regulations of EU data protection law, we ensure compliance with the necessary security regulations by way of general agreements with the local companies. For further information about this topic, please contact privacypolicy@battenfeld-cincinnati.com.


7. Integration of third-party services

7. Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps/Google Earth API to visualize geographic information on the pages Contact/Facilities. Google Maps is provided by Google Inc.(Google Dublin, Google Ireland Ltd., Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland), . When Google Maps is used, information about the use of this website including your IP address is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and saved there. So by using this website, you give your consent to the collection, processing and use of your data which are automatically collected by Google, one of its representatives or a third-party provider.

The conditions for using Google Maps can be found under Google Maps / Google Earth API’s Terms of Service on https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/help/terms_maps.html. Extensive details can be found at the Privacy Center of google.de. Transparency and Options http://www.google.de/intl/en/policies/privacy/ and Data Protection Regulations http://www.google.de/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

8. Rights of Persons Concerned

Information about your rights

As a data subject of data processing, you have the following rights under the Basic Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter also referred to as "data subject rights"): 

Right to information (pursuant to Article 15 of the German General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

You have the right to require of us information as to whether or not we are processing personal data of yours. If such processing exists, you may request details of the following information from us:

  • the purposes for which the personal data is processed,
  • the type of personal data being processed,
  • the recipient categories to whom the personal data relating to you has been or will be disclosed,
  • the planned storage duration for the personal data relating to you (if no specific statement as to the storage duration can be made, we must inform about the criteria for the
  • definition of the storage duration, e.g. after the expiry of the statutory retention periods)
  • that you have a right to rectification or deletion of personal data relating to you, a right to restrict processing and/or the possibility to object to such processing,
  • that you have a right to rectification or deletion of personal data relating to you, a right to restrict processing and/or the possibility to object to such processing,
  • that you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority,
  • whether your data will be used for an automatic decision and, if so, what logic underlies the decision,
  • what effects and implications the automated decision can have for you,
  • that if personal data relating to you are transmitted to a country outside the European Union, you have the right to ask for information as to whether this is the case and, if
  • so, to require information as to which safeguards the recipient provides for an adequate level of protection,
  • that you have the right to request a copy of your personal data.

Data copies are always made available in digital form. The first copy is free of charge, for all further copies an appropriate fee will be required. A copy can only be provided if the rights of other persons are not affected.

Right to rectification (pursuant to Article 16 of the General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

You have the right to require us to rectify your personal data if these are incorrect or incomplete. This right also includes the right to complete/complement data by supplementary declarations or communications. Corrections and/or additions must be made without any culpable delay.

Right to deletion of personal data (pursuant to Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

You have the right to require from us the deletion of your personal data:

  • if the personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected and processed,
  • if the data were processed based on a consent given by you and which you later revoked; however, this does not apply if another legal permission for processing the data exists,
  • if you have objected to a data processing whose lawful permission is in the so-called “legitimate interest” (under Article 6, Para 1, subparagraph “e” or “f”); however, deletion
  • need not take place if there are overriding legitimate reasons for further processing,
  • if you have stated an objection to data processing for the purpose of direct marketing,
  • if your personal data have been unlawfully processed,
  • if the data concern a child and are used for information society services
  • (= electronic service) on the basis of consent (pursuant to Art. 8 para. 1 DSGVO [General Data Protection Regulation ]).
  • to fulfill a legal obligation (e.g. statutory storage obligations),
  • to carry out public tasks and interests in accordance with applicable law (including "public health"), or
  • are required for archiving and/or research purposes

A right to delete personal data does not exist, if:

  • the right to freedom of expression and information opposes the request for deletion,
  • it is necessary to process personal data in order to comply with a legal requirement (e.g. statutory storage obligations),
  • to carry out public tasks and interests in accordance with applicable law (including “public health”), or are necessary for archiving or research purposes or
  • the personal data are necessary for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims

The deletion must be carried out promptly (without any culpable delay). If personal data have been made public by us (e.g. on the Internet), we must ensure within the framework of what is technically possible and reasonable that other data processors are also informed of the request for deletion, including the deletion of links, copies and/or replications.

Right to restriction of data processing (pursuant to Article 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

You have the right to require from us the restriction of the processing of your personal data in the following cases:

  • if you have disputed the accuracy of your personal data, you may request that we not use your data for any other purpose for the duration of the accuracy check and thus restrict the processing of these data, 
  • In the event of unlawful data processing, you may require us to restrict data use, instead of the deletion of the data
  • you need your personal data to assert, exercise or defend legal claims, but we no longer need your personal data, you can request that we restrict processing to the purposes of legal prosecution,
  • If you have lodged an objection against data processing (pursuant to Art. 21 Para. 1 DS-GVO) (see also Point 5.7) and it is not yet clear whether our interests in the processing of the data outweigh your interests, you can demand that your data not be used for other purposes for the duration of the audit and that their processing be thus restricted.

Personal data whose processing has been restricted at your request may only – the right of storage being reserved – be processed for:

  • the assertion,
  • exercise or defense of legal claims,
  • the protection of the rights of other natural or legal persons, or
  • reasons of substantial public interest

Should a processing restriction be lifted, you will be informed of this in advance.

Right to data portability (pursuant to Article 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

You have the right to require from us the data which you provided to us, in a machine-readable format of common use (e.g. in pdf or excel format). You can also require from us that these data be transferred directly to another company, provided this is technically feasible for us. The prerequisite for you to have this right is that the processing be based on consent or for the execution of a contract (see Point 4.2) and carried out by automated procedures. Furthermore, the exercise of the right to data portability must not infringe the rights and freedoms of other persons.

If you use the right to data portability, you still have the right to data deletion under Article

17 DS-GVO (General Data Protection Regulation).

Right to object to certain data processing operations (pursuant to Article 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation DS-GVO)

If your data are processed for the performance of tasks in the public interest, or for the performance of legitimate interests (see Point 4.2), you may object to this processing. You must explain to us the reasons resulting from your particular situation for your objection. These may be, for example, special family circumstances or secrecy interests worthy of protection.

In the event of an objection, we shall refrain from any further processing of your data for the purposes specified under Point 4.1, unless:

  • there are compelling protection-deserving grounds for processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms, or
  • the personal data are necessary for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims

You can object to the use of your data for the purpose of direct advertising at any time; this also applies to profiling insofar as it is connected with direct advertising. In the event of objection, we may no longer use your data for the purpose of direct marketing.

Direct advertising and/or profiling will in no case be arranged or carried out by us.

(3) Please address all requests for information or objections to data processing by e-mail to privacypolicy@battenfeld-cincinnati.com.

9. General regulations

This exclusion of liability/disclaimer is applicable to all our Internet pages which you can reach from our website. Insofar as any part of these regulations is or becomes ineffective, this shall have no effect on all other regulations. The sole applicable law is European law, which excludes international private law and UN sales law.

10a. Trademark rights, copyrights and other property rights

All rights are reserved, including but not limited to trademark rights, copyrights and all other property rights. All texts, pictures, animation and video files and other content on our website pages are subject to copyright and trademark rights, as well as other legislation for the protection of intellectual property rights and the general right of privacy. In particular, reproduction or use of the aforementioned content of our website in any other digital, print or other media is not permissible without our explicit prior consent in writing.

10b. Content – exclusion of warranty

Our website has been compiled with utmost care. Even though we assume that the information provided by us is true and correct, it may contain some errors and inaccuracies in certain cases. We therefore provide this information without any guarantee or warranty whatsoever. In particular, we assume no warranty for the completeness, correctness, quality or up-to-dateness of the information provided. Liability on our part shall be excluded for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of the information or from the use of incorrect, incomplete or misleading information, insofar as we are not guilty of a wilful act or gross negligence. This also applies to our employees and vicarious agents. We explicitly reserve the right to take the content of our website offline at any time without prior announcement, either temporarily or permanently, to extend, delete or alter it in any other way, completely or in part.

10c. Links

We would also point out that we do not monitor any other websites which are linked to our website, and that we are not responsible for the content of such websites. Insofar as a link from our website points to a third-party website, we explicitly declare that to the best of our knowlege no illegal content is present on this website, but that we are unable to influence the future development of such websites. We explicitly refuse to associate ourselves with such content. The sole responsibility and liability for any damages arising from incorrect or illegal content on third-party websites rests with the providers of such websites.

Social Media Plugins

We currently use the following social media plugin(s): LinkedIn

This means that when you visit our site, no personal data is initially passed on to the providers of these plug-ins. You can recognize the provider of the plugin by the marking on the grayed out box. Personal data will only be transmitted if you click on one of the plugins: By activating the plugin, data are automatically transmitted to the corresponding plugin provider and stored there. We have no influence on the data acquired or the data processing procedures, nor are we aware of the full scope of the data retrieval, the purposes or storage periods.

Further information on the purpose and scope of data acquisition and processing by the plugin provider can be found in the following data privacy statements of these providers. There you will also find further information on your rights in this regard as well as setting options to protect your privacy. 

Address(es) of the respective providers and links with their data protection information:

Contact details of the data protection officer 

The data protection officer of our company is Mr Carsten Bruns

Contact data:

Carsten Bruns
SK Consulting Group GmbH
Osterweg 2
32549 Bad Oeynhausen

Tel. no.: 05731 49064-37
Email: datenschutz@sk-consulting.com