Top-quality toolings for efficient extrusion lines

We offer you complete extrusion lines for the production of pipes, profiles, boards and sheet. Of course, this also includes suitable forming tools.

Our pipe toolings are developed, adapted and optimized in-house – regardless of whether it is a standard mono-layer pipe tooling, a pipe tooling for making complex multi-layer pipes, or a tooling to produce pipe with a diameter of 2.7 m. We have the right tooling solution for every application. Our many decades of extrusion experience enable us to adapt our pipe toolings optimally to the material to be processed and to the production requirements. In this way, our customers receive toolings for efficient production and excellent product quality.

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helix II PO Pipe toolings and coat coating dies

Customized mono- and multi-layer toolings for a various customer needs

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spider PVC pipe heads and feedblocks

Tooling for mono- and multilayer extrusion

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Feedblock for thermoforming sheet

Multi-layer feedblock for co-extruded thermoforming sheet

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Profile tooling

The best solution technical and window profile extrusion

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