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Feedblock for thermoforming sheet

Feedblock for thermoforming sheet

Multi-layer feedblock for co-extruded thermoforming sheet

These feedblocks are an extension of battenfeld-cincinnati’s equipment range for thermoforming sheet extrusion and are manufactured in-house. It is based on decades of experience in designing and optimizing flow channels for pipe tooling for optimal melt and layer thickness distributions. The feedblocks have a special design that enables the flexible production of mono- and multi-layer sheet on the same feedblock. They are suitable for standard PP, PS and PET sheet and board extrusion, but also for high-performance extrusion lines in combination with high-speed extruders and Multi-Touch roll stacks. The design allows highest flexibility regarding layer distribution and melt stream adjustment. All flow channels have been designed based on finite element calculations, resulting in optimal processing behavior.

Your Advantages:

  • Modular design for three or more layers
  • Connection for two extruders
  • Layer adjustments possible during production
  • Excellent layer distributions
  • Suitable for PP, PS and PET

Our Offer:

  • Designed and manufactured in-house
  • Special design for the flexible production of mono- as well as co-extrusion sheet on the same equipment
  • Different thicknesses and layer distributions on top and bottom layer by individually profiled bolt