Extrusion technology for the food industry

Pioneering and efficient: our solutions for the food industry

Hardly any sector is so much subject to change as the food processing industry. The growth of world population brings the shortage of available resources increasingly into focus. Added to this, there are more and more stringent safety and sustainability standards for food products, as well as the trend towards vegetarian and vegan nutrition concepts.

As technology leaders in the extrusion industry, we are continuously extending the range of applications for our products. We are working hard on making the advantages of our extrusion technology available to the food industry, too. One aspect is to enable the transformation of batch processes into continuous processes. Material losses caused by decanting or extraction should be minimized. The use of extrusion processes will also provide numerous new options especially for processing purely vegetarian products.

Our promise: we develop extrusion solutions and methods of processing the sensitive basic ingredients of food production even more gently, safely and sustainably. You want to make the production of your food processing company fit for the future? We look forward to exchanging views with you.

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