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Sheet made of PP, PS, PET and PVC

As technology leader in the extrusion industry, battenfeld-cincinnati is your partner for sheet extrusion. With more than sixty years of extrusion experience, we know what is needed. We meet the rising energy and material costs in sheet extrusion with high-speed technologies, which increase the output rate of your production without compromising on quality standards. For instance, our standardized high-speed extruder series provides the optimal volume-torque ratio for every specific process technology – for higher outputs with constant, excellent product quality.

Besides sheet extruders, our portfolio also includes roll stacks. They enable immediate, fast further processing on downstream thermoforming equipment. With our technology, we cover all important plastic materials: we will supply you with complete sheet extrusion lines for processing PP, PS, PET and PVC, as well as multilayer extrusion lines to include functional layers made of EVOH and other materials.

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