Thermoforming sheet

We will supply you with complete, individually planned thermoforming sheet extrusion lines from a single source. For high-grade packaging applications, PET recommends itself by its transparency, mechanical attributes and availability. A potential drawback: the material’s hygroscopic behavior could impair the product quality in the extrusion process.

Our solution: the battenfeld-cincinnati STARextruder offers the best possible prerequisites for reliable, top-quality results with an effective high-vacuum degassing unit. The STARextruder concept has been specially optimized for processing PET bottle granulate into food-safe thermoforming sheet (FDA certified).

Another highlight from our portfolio: we have developed a multilayer feed block for flexible use in the production of coextruded as well as monolayer thermoforming sheet. It is suitable for sheet and board extrusion from PP, PS and PET, and offers extensive scope for layer thickness distribution and melt flow adjustment.

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Coffee capsules
Food packaging made from PET

Our products for manufacturing thermoforming sheet



The all-rounder single screw extruders

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High-Speed Extruder

High-Speed Extrusion for sheet and board 

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Efficient PET processing 

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Feedblock for thermoforming sheet

Multi-layer feedblock for co-extruded thermoforming sheet

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Downstream & Systems

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Multi-Touch roll stack

Multi-Touch roll stack for high-performance applications

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Inline roll stack

Roll stack for thermoforming sheet lines

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Out-of-line rollstack

Roll stack for sheet lines

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Controls & Automation

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BCtouch UX Controls

Perfectly controlled processes for every application

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