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High-Speed Extruder

High-Speed Extrusion for sheet and board

Higher outputs with excellent product quality

Our standardized High-Speed extruder series offers the process technology optimum in terms of volume/screw speed ratio and so meets the demand for higher and higher outputs and excellent end product quality. 

It is particularly suited for the extrusion of thermoforming sheet and has established itself in this market. We also offer matching co-extruders for the extrusion of functional layers in multi-layer applications. 

Your Advantages:

  • 15-25% energy savings compared to conventional systems
  • Reduced changeover times thanks to less volume in the machine; this means increased production times and lower material consumption
  • Higher end product quality

Our Offer:

  • Machine size 75-34 and 75-40 mm, as well as co-extruders with 35-30 mm and 45-32 mm
  • Outputs from 30 - 1,500 kg/h (PP), 35 - 1,750 kg/h (PS) and 30 - 1,200 kg/h (PET)
  • Significantly reduced residence times
  • Units that are compact and easy to maintain
  • Wide range of specific solutions e.g.: double degassing
  • Screw removal backwards
  • Special wear protection solutions for abrasive materials

Co-extrusion with uniEX extruders

  • Compact design 
  • Wide process window 
  • High throughputs with gentle melt treatment 
  • Sizes 35, 45 and 60 mm 
  • Output rates depending on material from 50 kg/h - 500 kg/h 
  • Flexible application due to high modular design 


  • Special films with multi layers 
  • Monomaterial sheets with slightly modified top layer 
  • Ecological alternatives with recyclate middle layer 

BC-Touch UX control

  • Supports OPC-UA Protocol 
  • Supports industry 4.0 functions 
  • Control mounted directly on the extruder cabinet or on a mobile stand 
  • Individually customizable user interface: adapted to every machine operator (language, icons, screen configuration) 
  • Up to 7 extruders can be integrated into the control 


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