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battenfeld-cincinnati corporate history

The history of the battenfeld-cincinnati Group goes all the way back to the 1940s. For many decades, we have been passionately engaged in continuous development of even more innovative, more economical and more sustainable state-of-the-art extrusion concepts for our customers. This has made us what we are today: technology leaders and market leaders of the extrusion industry.

In the following, we present to you selected milestones of our history. 



  • Installation of photovoltaic system on roof to mainly use renewable energy for the production and administration building at battenfeld-cincinnati Germany in Bad Oeynhausen
  • New standardized line design won the IF award. The advantages are: optimal accessibility and user-friendliness as well as easy cleaning features
  • First PVC window profile extruder delivered with Auto Stop system
  • Introduction inline addition and mixing of CaCo3 up to 60 pph
  • First lines which produce pipes of 2,700 mm diameter using the Optimelt system have been delivered
  • Drip irrigation invention with a new design that ensures a long service life to irrigate plants, fruits and vegetables


  • Manufacturing the first pipe head for 1200mm O-PVC pipes 
  • solEX NG 45 the smallest version of this series with higher output and lower melt temperature
  • aglomEX the new pelletizing extruder series suitable for virgin material and recycled material


  • Commissioning of 2.5m line with “Optimelt System”
  • Location independent pipe extrusion – 630mm line in overseas containers
  • Implementation of „Steady Flow” – First system for speed-controlled pressure variation compensation
  • Development of an articulating die neck for direct lid production
  • New world record in highly filled PP board extrusion: 6.5 to/h


  • Implementation of additional sizes of our spiderNG series
  • Introductionofthe"Optimeltsystem" for further melt temperature reduction
  • FDC (fast dimension change) with1,600 mm adjustable die head
  • Presentation of the first profiled sheet


  • spiderNG with optimized flow channel design and simplified handling
  • spider160-3 NG Introduction of new spider series for3-layer PVC pipes
  • Implementation of adjustable melt gaps for microduct extrusion
  • High standardized alpha series with relay control (alpha basic) and BCtouchUX compact control (alpha plus)
  • First Multi-Touch XXLfor board extrusion
  • Cross adjustable rollstack for fast embossing changes


  • Several high end solutions for microduct and multiduct pipes
  • Energy saving solutions-like pipehead insulation etc.
  • Drip irrigation flat drippers with intelligent hole drilling method
  • spider710ic with pipe innercooling system for thick-walled PVC pipes


  • Development of XXL Multi-Touch roll stack
  • Presentation of the solEX NG single screw and conEX NG twin screw extruder series at K 2016
  • Introduction of the BCtouch UX control system
  • Presentation of the multilayer feed block for sheet extrusion
  • Industrie Holding Nimbus becomes new owner of battenfeld-cincinnati


  • Construction of the first PE solid wall pipe extrusion line for diameters of up to 2.6 meters
  • Introduction of STC (superior tungsten carbide) coating for screws and barrels
  • Presentation of a complete PE-Xa extrusion line from a single source
  • FDC (fast dimension change) system enables quick change of dimensions during pipe production


  • First installation of high-speed extrusion line with Multi-Touch roll stack in China
  • Upgrade of alpha extruder series with a compact drive unit, new frequency converter and temperature controller 


  • Foundation of battenfeld-cincinnati do Brasil
  • Development of space-saving “piggyback configuration” for profile coextrusion
  • Introduction of gearless (GL) single screw extruders with high-torque motor
  • New generation of PO pipe dies with EAC (efficient air cooling) function
  • Extension of PVC multilayer pipe die series


  • American Maplan Corporation (McPherson, Kansas) renamed to battenfeld-cincinnati USA
  • Development of revolutionary Multi-Touch roll stack technology for tension-free sheet with high transparency


  • Presentation of first 2.5 meter PO pipe extrusion line worldwide
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification of the facilities in Vienna, Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen


  • Merger of Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH (Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen) with Cincinnati Extrusion (Vienna) under the new brand of battenfeld-cincinnati. battenfeld-cincinnati now includes the companies battenfeld-cincinnati Germany GmbH (formerly Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik), battenfeld-cincinnati Austria GmbH (formerly Cincinnati Extrusion), battenfeld-cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems Ltd. (formerly B+C Extrusion Systems) and the American Maplan Corporation
  • Concept of Green Pipe downstream equipment enables reduction of the energy consumption in the cooling section by almost 50 per cent
  • Introduction of planetary roller combined with single screw for direct PET processing
  • Development of a new generation of parallel twin screw extruders


  • Merger of the subsidiaries Battenfeld and Cincinnati China


  • Takeover of all five production facilities (Vienna, Kempen, Bad Oeynhausen, McPherson and Shunde) by the private equity company Triton Partners


  • Battenfeld China becomes a part of the SMS Group


  • New office of Cincinnati Extrusion in Moscow, Russia
  • New facility for Battenfeld Chen with 17,800 square meters production space and 1,200 square meters office space


  • Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik manages the Battenfeld extrusion group with production facilities in Bad Oeynhausen and Kempen, Germany, McPherson, Kansas/USA, and Shunde, China.


  • Foundation of SMS Extrusion, Kempen
  • Opening of Cincinnati Extrusion office in Dalian, China


  • Introduction of alpha extruder in Austria


  • Cincinnati Milacron, Vienna, renamed to Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH
  • Takeover of Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH by the SMS group. Battenfeld and Cincinnati now belong to the same owner.


  • Installation of the first whirling machine to produce screws in Vienna 


  • Foundation of Shunde Battenfeld Chen Extrusion Systems Ltd. in Shunde, China by a joint venture


  • Acquisition of American Maplan Corporation (AMC), McPherson, Kansas, by Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik
  • Award of the CE certificate in Vienna
  • Foundation of the Cincinnati Milacron service bureau in Guangzhou, China


  • ISO certification of Cincinnati Milacron, Vienna 


  • Takeover of the DEMAG blown film segment and its integration into the production program of the Bad Oeynhausen facility


  • Takeover of the planetary roller extruder and calender feeding business from  Eickhoff/Kleinewerfers, Bochum


  • Fusion of Thyssen Plastik Maschinenbau, Plastik Industrie and Walter Goerke GmbH; takeover by the SMS group and name change to Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH


  • Opening of new facility in Laxenburger Straße 246, Vienna
  • Name change from Amertool Services – Japan Branch for Cincinnati Milling & Grinding Company to Cincinnati Milacron – Japan Branch


  • Introduction of molybdenum wire coating in Austria
  • Foundation of American Maplan Corporation in cooperation with the Maplan Austria Group (now a part of the Starlinger Group) in McPherson, Kansas


  • Rheinstahl Maschinenbau becomes Thyssen Plastik Maschinenbau and concentrates on the production of twin screw extruders and Henschel single screw extruders in Germany


  • Takeover of Rolf Kestermann GmbH by Rheinstahl Maschinenbau


  • Introduction of twin screws in Japan


  • Takeover of AGM and APM by Cincinnati Milacron
  • Extension of the APM plant in Vienna

1966 and 1965

  • Takeover of Gerhard Kestermann GmbH by Rolf Kestermann and name change to Rolf Kestermann Maschinenfabrik GmbH
  • Foundation of Allgemeine Maschinenbau GmbH (AGM) in Linz by Anton Anger


  • Wilhelm Anger: acquisition of land for the extension of Anger Plasticverarbeitungs-Maschinenbau (APM) in Vienna
  • Liquidation of Wilhelm Anger OHG in Traun


  • Production of first K2-100 twin screw extruder
  • Sale of Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co to the Rheinstahl Group (later Thyssen-Krupp and Inoutic)


  • First plastics trade fair participation by Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger
  • Foundation of Anger Plasticverarbeitungs-Maschinenbau (APM) by Wilhelm Anger
  • Construction of first extruders, dies and downstream equipment for the investment business, especially pipe production

1955 and 1956

  • Foundation of Kunststoffwerk Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co in Bogen for the production of plastic pipes
  • Sale of Anger Extrusionswerk für Kunststoffrohre to 50 per cent each to Durit Werke Kern & Co and Eternit Werke Ludwig Hatschek AG, which continue to operate it under the name of Poloplast


  • Foundation of Anger Extrusionswerk für Kunststoffrohre in Linz-Wegscheid


  • Start of PVC pipe production and development of twin screw extruders at the Traun facility 


  • Foundation of Wilhelm Anger OHG in Traun, Austria


  • Foundation of Bad Oeynhausen plant to manufacture gear units by Gerhard Kestermann