Downstream equipment made to measure and comprehensively optimized pipe extrusion systems

A complete extrusion line not only includes the extruder and die, but also the downstream components. Whether pipe, profile, sheet/boards or thermoforming sheet – in the battenfeld-cincinnati product range, you will find the right combination for your complete extrusion system.

But our downstream components not only contribute to perfect product quality – for the sake of optimizing the energy consumption of the entire line, we constantly work on reducing the downstream equipment’s consumption of resources (water, energy). In addition to the standard downstream components for pipe, profile, sheet/board and thermoforming sheet, we offer comprehensive systems for energy-efficient, high-speed pipe production.

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Downstream & Systems

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Green Pipe concept

The innovative concept for energy efficient pipe production

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FDC fast dimension change in pipe extrusion

Complete lines for quick, in-line dimension change from a single source

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Vacuum tanks for the PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Cooling tanks für PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Belt and caterpillar haul-offs for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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rollStream and tiltStream

Roller beds and tip tables for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Cutting units for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

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Downstream for profile

A modular kit for a great variety of profile extrusion systems

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Complete lines for compact and foamed PVC sheets

Complete lines from a single source

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Roll stack for sheet and board

For the calibration and cooling of foamed and compact PVC sheet and board

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Multi-Touch roll stack

Multi-Touch roll stack for high-performance applications

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Inline roll stack

Roll stack for thermoforming sheet lines

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Out-of-line rollstack

Roll stack for sheet lines

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