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Downstream for profile

Globally successful profile line concept

A modular kit for a great variety of profile extrusion systems

Perfect coordination of all components in profile extrusion is the basis for premium product quality. Both standardized turnkey lines and freely configurable units for the extrusion of technical profiles and window profiles are available. We combine our own products with components from long term partners in order to supply our customers the ideal solution from a single source.

Your Advantages:

  • Decades of experience in the production of single and twin-strand profile lines
  • Globally successful profile line concept
  • Comprehensive experience in the extrusion of all commonly available thermoplastic materials
  • Maximum line output through downstream equipment optimally tuned to the extruder-and-tooling combination
  • Energy savings with greenVAC concept

Our Offer:

  • Extensive experience in machine technology and process engineering
  • All components from a single source
  • Optimally coordinated complete lines
  • Safe, reliable machinery
  • Complete modular system consisting of calibrating tables, belt or caterpillar haul-offs as well as cutting units (swarfless or chipping) in various sizes

greenVAC „Energy Saving System“

The largest energy consumers in PVC extrusion are the drive motor of the extruder or the vacuum pumps of the calibration table. With the greenVAC system, energy consumption is reduced by up to 80 percent depending on the profile type. greenVAC is used on the calibration table: each vacuum zone consists of a water/air separation tank with frequency-controlled vacuum and water pumps. The required vacuum values are specified via a simple touch control panel. For the water calibration tanks, a side channel compressor is used instead of a vacuum pump. This allows a significantly higher volume to be extracted.

Your Advantages:

Up to 80% energy savings
Significantly reduced noise level due to elimination of noise-intensive false air supply and demand-based motor speed control of frequency-controlled vacuum pumps

Our offer:

Fast and cost-optimized start-up process due to frequency-controlled vacuum pumps, a side-channel compressor and automatic vacuum control
Simple and cost-effective spare parts procurement through the use of proven standard components