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Cutting units for PO and PVC pipe extrusion

High precision even with very high requirements

We offer a wide range of pipe cutting saws (RTA), the newly developed and highly flexible direct cutting unit (DTA) and the proven planetary cutting unit (PTA). All pipe cutting saws are controlled via an integrated touch screen.

Your Advantages:

  • Best possible cut quality and cut surface with very different pipe materials
  • Swarfless cutting across a very wide range of different pipe materials
  • Perfectly synchronized with extrusion line and haul-off speed of the entire extrusion line
  • Wide range of different pipe wall thicknesses can be separated in the best possible way using the central clamping system
  • Machine cutting and chamfering of PVC pipes and other special applications possible

Our Offer:

  • Pipe cutting units type RTA 63 for pipe diameters from 10 to 63 mm
  • Pipe cutting units type DTA for pipe diameters from 16 to 800 mm
  • Pipe cutting units type PTA for pipe diameters from 1000 to 2600 mm

Pipe cutting units type RTA 63

  • Swarfless cutting of PO pipes, especially at high extrusion speeds of > 60 m/min
  • Cutting saw embedded in linear guides
  • Saw carriage is electrically driven and the speed is synchronized with the haul-off via pilot frequency
  • Virtually noiseless cutting of PO materials
  • Exact pipe clamping as half-shell design

Pipe cutting units type DTA

  • High line speed and high cutting frequency
  • Independent infeed of two or more electromechanically driven cutting tools 
  • High precision even with very high separation and chamfer quality requirements
  • Less additional parts and lower weight for higher cutting dynamic
  • 100% electric for easy maintenance 
  • New control system for easy, intuitive operation and reproducible cutting

Pipe cutting units type PTA

  • Swarfless cutting, sawing or combined cutting possible for both extremely thick-walled and thin-walled pipes
  • One clamping punch for the entire diameter range, central clamping for thin-walled pipes optional
  • Electrically adjustable roller guide at inlet, V-channel or adjustable roller guide at outlet
  • Virtually noiseless swarfless cutting
  • Swarfless cutting of PO-pipes
  • Machine cutting and chamfering of PVC pipes and special applications
  • Saw carriage on guide rails, adjustable with electric or pneumatic drive