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Profile tooling

Expertise all along the line

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battenfeld-cincinnati relies on well-known partners to deliver the tooling for its complete profile lines. Our partners can adapt the tooling optimally to the customers' requirements and also ensure a perfect fit with the rest of the line components. For PVC window profiles and WPC/NFC profiles, conical and/or parallel twin screw extruders are used in production, with a processing range from 10 to 1,000 kg/h. Profiles are produced either with either a mono- or co-extrusion process with core, single or mulit-layers extrusion. For technical profiles (made from almost all extrudable polymers), either single or twin screw extruders can be used, with processing ranges from 2 to 300 kg/h. Toolings for mono- and co-extrusion are available.

Your Advantages:

  • Complete lines from a single source
  • Worldwide technical and processing support from battenfeld-cincinnati
  • Cost optimized and customer-specific solutions