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helix II PO Pipe toolings and coat coating dies

The new generation of PO pipe toolings

Customized mono- and multi-layer toolings for a various customer needs

With its new helix II series, battenfeld-cincinnati offers an extensive choice of custom-made PO pipe die models which can be adapted to meet a great variety of demands. The unique VSI dies from battenfeld-cincinnati come with a 2-step distributor concept consisting of a spiral mandrel for preliminary distribution and a lattice basket distributor for detail distribution. They yield high output rates with relatively small dimensions. Customers‘ wishes can also be fulfilled in the design of the pipe head. As the market and technology leader in large-diameter PO pipe extrusion, battenfeld-cincinnati has successfully realized numerous projects for lines with pipe diameters of more than 2 m over the last couple of years. battenfeld-cincinnati also offers modular coating dies which can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Your Advantages:

  • Excellent homogenization
  • Wide processing window
  • Larger range of applications in terms of pipe diameters
  • Consistent, reliable product quality for all pipe dimensions
  • Precise wall thickness distribution and therefore raw material savings
  • Low pressure loss
  • Modular design
  • High throughput

Our Offer:

  • Equipped with a patented 2-step distributor concept consisting of a spiral mandrel for preliminary distribution and a screen basket distributor for fine distribution
  • Less striation thanks to gentle melt distribution
  • Compact design and consequently easier handling in assembly work
  • Smaller volume shortens color change times
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to separate distribution systems for each layer

VSI special mono- and multi-layer toolings

The customized VSI multi-layer tooling can be combined with either spiral mandrel, radial or side-fed distributors as desired. Depending on the materials to be processed, the optimal distribution concept is used in each case.

Your advantages:
  • The ideal distribution concept for your material
  • Minimal expense for servicing and cleaning of the critical flow surfaces thanks to strategically positioned parting lines, without dismantling of the other components
  • Long tooling service life 
  • Application specific coatings available for wear protection, optimization of flow behaviour and surface sealing
Our offer:
  • Top-quality distribution of the functional layers across the circumference and therefore raw material saving
  • Mechanically and thermally homogeneous melt distribution
  • Minimal residence time range for materials which start a process of cross-linking or thermal degradation following melting (e.g. PEX-b and EVOH)
Melt distribution concepts to suit all areas of application:
  • VSI
  • Spiral mandrel distributors
  • Side-fed distributors
  • Spider-type mandrel pipe heads
  • Simple, compact radial distributors
Application areas from:

Helix II – VSI-T toolings with "Efficient Air Cooling" (EAC) internal pipe cooling

With the EAC internal pipe cooling system, battenfeld-cincinnati has set new benchmarks and enabled higher throughputs. The advantages of the proven VSI pipe dies are enhanced by additional internal pipe cooling with an air current against the extrusion direction.

Your advantages:
  • More efficient production by reducing the required cooling length by 30 % - 50 %, alternatively the throughput can be increased accordingly
  • Improvement of the pipe geometry (pipe roundness)
  • Energy savings thanks to the use of exhaust air from internal pipe cooling ,e.g. for pre-heating granulates
  • Simple retrofitting of existing VSI toolings
Our offer:
  • Proven EAC system for pipe diameters from 63 - 3,000 mm and wall thicknesses up to 120 mm
  • Very powerful ventilators
  • Ventilator speed can be varied with the aid of a frequency inverter according to process requirements
  • To reduce sound emission, the ventilator is sound-insulated (max. 85 dBA at a distance of 1 m)
  • Permanently installed exhaust air system with thermal insulation

helix II – pipe tooling with adjustable melt gap “fast dimension change” (FDC)

battenfeld-cincinnati also offers pipe heads with adjustable melt gap for FDC (fast dimension change) – the dimension change system for pipe extrusion lines. Basically, adjustable melt gaps for full-layer and coating dies can also be installed in conventional pipe extrusion lines.

Your advantages:
  • Automatic pipe dimension change during production
  • Efficient pipe extrusion line with high throughputs
  • High flexibility in pipe geometry and production planning
  • Low energy consumption and highest productivity by high-performance extruders with inner pipe cooling system
  • Easy handling due to Industry 4.0-compatible control system
  • Excellent pipe quality with homogeneous pipe surface and even wall thickness distribution
Our offer:
  • Adjustable melt gap with an electric motor available in sizes from 63 to 1,600 mm
  • SDR classes of 11-33 possible, additional versions (e.g.: SDR 9-26) on request
  • Adjustment almost independent of melt pressure, as only the die/mandrel area is being adjusted
  • Large diameter ranges with changeable die and mandrel extensions
  • Can be used in combination with the effective melt cooling system Optimelt 
  • Retrofit possible for existing pipe heads
Special application: coat VSI – coating dies for the production fo multiducts/pipe bundles
Your advantages:
  • Simple and cost-efficient implementation of individual bundle geometries
  • Many different bundle geometries can be produced with one basic tooling
  • Pipe bundles and coating do not stick together (thermic separation)
Our offer:
  • Mono- or multi-layer coating of pipe bundles
  • Special pipe guidance inside the tooling
  • Option: frequency-controlled vacuum pump

coat – pipe coating dies

The melt distribution systems of the coat tooling can be assembled depending on the product’s requirements: for example VSI two-step distributors can be used as “universal distribution systems” for a wide range of viscosities. This means that during production the coating of pipe with HDPE, PP or HDPE regrind is possible with the same pipe tooling.

Your advantages:
  • Due to the optimized melt distribution , no time-consuming centering of the individual layers is required
  • Precise wall thickness distribution and therefore raw material savings
  • Moderate pressure ensures low melt temperatures even with high outputs
Our offer:
  • Modular design of every single layer for optimized flow geometriesFor the outer layer (e.g. PEX-b) and the inner layer (e.g. adhesive layer; EVOH; adhesive layer), double side-fed distributors can be used
  • Side-fed distributors for smaller pipes with thin walls and residence time-sensitive materials
  • VSI technology from a pipe diameter of 80 mm, especially for high throughput rates and large wall thicknesses



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