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alpha extruder now available in plus version

No other extruder has experienced the same level of commercial success as the standard alpha extruder from Vienna-based firm battenfeld-cincinnati. First introduced as a true innovation at the K trade fair in 2001, this cash-and-carry single-screw extruder for small technical profiles and pipe is available ex stock at a standard price worldwide. Eighteen years later, over 1,200 extruders are now in use and demand remains high. The latest innovation to be presented at this year's K trade fair is the alpha plus: the alpha extruder featuring the new BCtouch UX compact.

From a process engineering perspective, the tried-and-tested plug-and-play extruders remain unchanged. These well-equipped processing machines are used as universal extruders to produce small technical profiles or small pipe, while also being employed as co-extruders in other applications. Thanks to their sophisticated design, these extruders are especially compact and are particularly suitable for use in production halls with limited space. The alpha extruders are available in sizes of 45, 60 and 75 mm as standard models with the option to incorporate a feed zone with either fine or coarse grooves.

The new control unit is being unveiled for the first time at this year's K trade show. Up to now, alpha extruders have been fitted with a relay control as standard. Now, the optional plus version comes equipped with the BCtouch UX compact control system. First presented at K back in 2016, the BCtouch UX – fitted as standard in all battenfeld-cincinnati extruders – has since been developed into an advanced control solution, and forms the basis of the new control system. The BCtouch UX has firmly established itself in the market thanks to its simple and intuitive operation and optimized software. Its little sister, used in alpha plus extruders, comes with a 12″ screen, providing a clear overview of all the necessary features. Pop-ups for settings and data entries mean that the system can be operated with limited training.

A high-performance temperature-monitoring module is integrated in the compact control system, which comes is critical for temperature-sensitive raw materials. Two systems can also be integrated in order to keep energy and material costs to a minimum. The alpha plus extruder is the perfect solution, combining a cost-effective and readily available standard extruder with a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-operate control system boasting a wide variety of options. As before, the version with relay control is available in the “alpha basic” variant. The modular structure of the newly developed control cabinet also makes it possible to retrofit the BCtouch UX compact at a later date.

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