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Successful extruder now also available in size 45

Next-generation extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati have long since established themselves in the market. High output rates at low screw speeds, effective melting performance with low melt temperatures plus a reduced pressure profile and consequently less wear on machines – these are the benefits provided by the high-speed solEX NG series. In time for the coming K trade fair, the extruder specialist is now rounding off this series downwards by adding a new solEX NG 45 to the four existing models solEX NG 60, 75, 90 and 120 mm.

This latest and smallest model, solEX NG 45, just like the larger models of the series, has a processing unit consisting of an internally grooved barrel combined with a matching screw geometry. The process technology advantages resulting from this combination ensure an extra-high-quality standard for the extruded semi-finished product. When processing HDPE, these extruders also achieve a 25 % higher output  and for PP even of up to 40 %. And in addition to that with reduced melt temperatures of about 10 °C below those in conventional extruders.

Another advantage resulting from the innovative processing unit of the NG series is the reduction in energy consumption, which is around 15 % lower than the previous solEX series. Consequently, this successful series offers advantages not only in terms of process technology, but in terms of higher energy efficiency as well.

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