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The high-speed extruder celebrates its 20th birthday

This year marks a special anniversary. Developed in 2003 and continuously refined since, the new generation of extruders, also known as Highspeed Extruders, is now globally recognized as a proven solution in the production of thermoforming sheet from PP or PS. Moreover, this type of extruder has found applications in the production of industrial boards or in the furniture industry, extending to the feeding of pyrolysis reactors for recycling post-consumer waste.

True to the motto "One size fits all," today, 6 types of extruders with the optimal screw diameter of 3 inches (75 mm) are built, differing only in screw speed and drive power. This ensures a wide range of applications, serving as a high-performance primary extruder or a suitable co-extruder, typically ranging from 400 to 4,000 lbs/h in output.

Since the drive power input directly translates to the melting of plastics during extrusion, no additional external heating is required. Thus, this extruder significantly and sustainably contributes to energy savings and the reduction of the carbon footprint in film production.

Operators particularly appreciate the ease of use, short start-up or changeover times, as well as simple maintenance. Despite its comparatively small size, this machine efficiently operates even at higher outputs without requiring additional floor space.

Visitors to NPE2024 are welcome to congratulate the now matured birthday celebrant, showcased at Booth W3161.

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